Top Stress Management Techniques with the Help of Exercise - Top Stress Management Techniques with the Help of Exercise -

Top Stress Management Techniques with the Help of Exercise

Top Stress Management Techniques with the Help of Exercise

by: Dr. Meenu Verma
Sr. Physiotherapist

Stress becomes a regular part of our lifestyle in the form of a headache, anxiety, weight gain, muscle pain, difficulties in focus etc. A sedentary lifestyle associated with hectic work schedules or personal life is the benchmark for suffering from stress.

Get rid of stress is impossible but how to deal with it in a healthy way can help to get rid of worst symptoms. The best way to get rid from stress is exercise.

There are different types of exercise that can help to manage stress.

  • Strength Training Workout- Your heart rate is probably already elevated due to stress and a good workout will help to get rid of any extra- tension, and you feel relaxed. Cardiac exercise also helps to manage the stress level.
  • Deep Breathing Exercises– This is very effective and safe to reduce stress and make the person calm.
  • Yoga- This is a great way to quite/ relax your mind as well your body. It also maintains the metabolic activities and also reduces the high blood pressure. Relaxing yoga is very beneficial to manage the level of stress.
  • Laughing- A good hearty laugh relieves physical tension and also relaxes your muscles. Laughter boosts the immune system and decreases stress hormones so it is also very effective to reduce stress.
  • Massage – It increases blood circulation and helps to relieve anxiety. A relaxing massage also helps to reduce stress level.
  • Meditation in motion (tai-chi) – It promotes a focus on the present which help you forget your worries and also help you increase flexibility and boost energy which will result in an improved sense of well being.
  • Walking – It is easy to do and there is no requirement of any special equipment. It will frequently reduce the incidence of other stress-related conditions like high blood pressure, cholesterol, type-2 diabetes. Walking helps to release tension from the major muscle group.
  • Dancing- It produces beneficial effects on your physical, mental and emotional health and helps to lower the stress level and enhances happiness.
  • Pilates- It is a series of exercises that will help to reduce neck pain, back pain and other adverse effects of stress.

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