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What are antenatal classes?

What are antenatal classes?

by: Dr. Monica Agarwal
Sr. Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Aim of the antenatal classes is to help you prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood. It is recommended that both husband and wife attend the class, workshop and breastfeeding counselling. This helps in a better experience; you feel in control and it helps you in coping during early weeks with the baby.

Class makes the idea of becoming a parent more real and prepare you mentally and physically to take the challenge of labour and delivery. You can ask questions and clear your doubts which you are not able to do in a busy OPD with the doctor. You also get to meet other women and couples who are in the same stage and state of mind so that you bond with them. They keep you motivated to keep on doing the correct things and following healthy lifestyle.

What you should follow-

  • Good nutrition- nutrition is of prime importance during pregnancy and goes a long way in making you and the baby healthy. It also helps you gain healthy amount of weight so that you don’t end up being overweight after delivery.
  • Breathing techniques- breathing in the correct manner can give you the power to manage your labour and also give natural pain relief. Good lung capacity can help you push the baby in an effective manner
  • Exercise- exercise is a single important thing which can prepare you mentally and physically for the challenge of delivery. It helps build the muscles for pushing and gives general strength to the body. Perineal exercises are extra helpful in letting the baby pass through the birth canal and giving the baby correct support and passage through the mother’s pelvis
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Yoga- Various yoga poses or asanas can be told to maintain strength and flexibility
  • Discuss options of pain free delivery. Pain can be relieved by natural methods and discuss epidural analgesia also
  • Traditional methods for relieving back pain and acidity
  • Music- your baby can hear voices in later stages of pregnancy and soothing music can work wonders for both of you. It will give you relaxation and happy hormones will be secreted in the body to calm you and give pain relief
  • Reading good pregnancy books will go a long way in keeping you updated about pregnancy and baby care. Also other good books will be helpful
  • Communication and understanding between spouses
  • Preparing for labour and birth
  • Learning the art of massage for both the mother and baby
  • Breastfeeding and its benefits
  • Basics of care of the baby

There are couple classes where husbands can accompany you and be a part of your pregnancy care, labour and early parenthood. He can support you with massage and breathing. If he prefers, he can be with you in the labour room to give moral support.

The conclusion is that pregnancy is the most joyful phase of your life but it brings along with it a lot of anxiety, fear and confusion about the birthing process. These classes along with your doctor act like your guiding force to show you the path in a correct manner. You should choose the doctor carefully and then fully trust so that the confidence gives you maximum benefits.

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