What can I do to be more Healthy? - What can I do to be more Healthy? -

What can I do to be more Healthy?

What can I do to be more Healthy?

Forget the excuses and just for today focus on many ways, you can improve your health. This list is not complete but may give a start to be fit physically, mentally. Even if we have best of the intentions, the goals we set to get healthy, sometimes fall by the wayside. Being healthy is not just being free of diseases and illness. But now health is being physical, mentally and socially well and not just merely the absence of diseases and illness.

  • Drink more water: Your body is almost 90% water so you need water for almost every function of the body. Many of the aches, headaches and pains and blood pressure we experience would be lessened only by water intake.
  • Go for a brisk walk: Your body has made to be moved.Your heart is a muscle which needs a movement to function optimally.
  • Eat 2 -3 servings of fruit: Brilliantly coloured fruits are packed with disease-fighting phytonutrients like pro-anthocyanins that protect against brain diseases.
  • Take a deep breath at least for 5 minutes: Taking deep breathes at least for 1 minute may also reduce the stress hormones. That translates into less anxiety, more sleep and better health.
  • Snack between the meals: On the healthy snacks like almonds, chickpeas hummus and egg.Not only you stabilize your mood, you maintain your good health and weight too.

How and what to eat?

Eating healthy should not be a nutrient number game. And no you don’t need to be on some paleo or vegan diets you just need 2 colour vegetables on your plate. If it’s not, it’s boring and you won’t meet the nutrient requirement. After colouring your plate make sure you consume it and share it with someone else. Sharing too keeps you healthy.

Paras Bliss Guraon
Paras Bliss Panchkula