What Should I do if I am Diagnosed with a Vaginal Infection or UTI? -

What Should I do if I am Diagnosed with a Vaginal Infection or UTI?

What Should I do if I am Diagnosed with a Vaginal Infection or UTI?

by: Dr. Bharti Minocha
Consultant, Gynecology

Vaginal Infections and Urinary Tract Infections are common infections and easily curable , so don’t panic .If you are diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, please follow the below listed steps:

  • The first step should be to increase your fluid intake to at least 3 to 5 litres per day.
  • Remember not to start any antibiotic till you have given your urine sample for a culture sensitivity test.
  • It’s important to know that you must collect a midstream urine sample , which means that collect the sample after discarding the first few drops of urine . Also , an early morning sample is always preferable.
  • The appropriate antibiotic for you will be known only once the culture report is ready . You will have to take the antibiotic for upto 7-10 days for a complete cure.
  • Lastly , remember that good hydration and a good perineal hygiene will protect you from such infections .

Vaginal Infections are also very bothersome and if you are diagnosed with one, remember over the counter medicines or telephonic consultation is not a good idea. You need to be examined by your gynaecologist. Commonly , these infections are candidiasis , bacterial vaginosis or trichomoniasis and the treatment differs for each of them. By a physical examination supported by a vaginal swab culture and sensitivity your doctor will be able to reach an appropriate diagnosis. Infections due to trichomonas will also require your partner to be treated even though he may be asymptomatic. Treatment will be either in the form of vaginal tablets or oral ones.

UTI - Vaginal infection

Vaginal washes during the period of infection and good perineal hygiene will be of great help.

Do remember to inform your doctor if you are using condoms / vaginal diaphragms  /oral contraceptive pills or any other drugs. This is because allergic causes also need to be ruled out.

 So take good care of your health !!!

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