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What Should I Do To Manage Teething?

What Should I Do To Manage Teething?

by: Dr. Anshu Jindal
Sr. Consultant- Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry - Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Cuddle Therapy :  A little extra under loving care goes a long way when your  infant is having a hard time teething. If the infant gets distressed, hugs and cuddles will help comfort. Your love and care will reassure the baby. Distract your child from the pain with activities such as reading, singing or playing.


Rubbing Gums : Lightly massaging your baby’s gums with a clean finger for one to 2 minutes can aid in alleviating the discomfort. Keep your infant’s mouth and gums clean even if doesnot have any teeth.

Teething Rings: Teething babies love to chew and bite on anything. Teething rings are made of different types of plastic. Try and give the same to them. Ensure that they are clean.

Food Of Chewing :If infant is over 6 month old, try offering them a sugar free teething biscuit or unsweetened rusk. It is also preferable to avoid foods that are too hard as there could bruise the gums and cause further pain.

Teething Gels : Teething gels managed in to the gums with clean finger can provide relief.

Soothing Sore Chins : Excessive dribbling caused by teething can irritate babies chin, neck and chest which may become dry, chapped and sore. Applying a single barrier cream can also help keep their skin soft and smooth and may also ease any chapped skin .

Tips for the parents:

  • Teething is a normal phenomenon, all babies teethe.
  • Don’t get irritated with your child. Bare with him. Note that it is a natural phenomenon and the baby’s cranky days will soon pass.
  • FDA does not recommend any sort of drug, herbal or homeopathic medication for teething in children. So refrain from using any medication.
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