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Which foods should be avoided during monsoons?

Which foods should be avoided during monsoons?

The monsoons bring a relief from the very hot temperatures during the summers but with their respite, they also bring along with them various maladies. Every monsoon season, the risk of catching various diseases is extremely high due to unhygienic conditions and not adhering to the basic preventive measures. There are plenty of illnesses in the rainy season. However, as happy as the rains make us, there are factors that really need consideration.

Avoid Street Food & Green leafy vegetables in Monsoons

The rainy season leads to accelerated growth of bacteria, already present on the utensils of street vendors. One should avoid street food during the rainy season as ii can cause food poisoning, diarrhoea, typhoid & malaria. Green leafy vegetables are extremely healthy. However during monsoons, it is highly recommended to avoid consumption of green leafy vegetables as the dirt & mud present in the leaves can cause stomach problems and infections.

Outside juices:  One should avoid consuming juices being sold on the roadside.

The juices on the road can be made of stale fruits or are unhygienic, are cut well in advance and have a good chance to get infected during rainy season.

Beverages: Carbonated drinks decrease enzyme activity leading to proper indigestion Better to avoid them especially in rainy season or monsoons.

Half cut or unpeeled fruits: It is better to avoid fruits which have been half cut or unpeeled and kept in the open. Mangoes should be avoided once the monsoon starts. Fruits like apple, papayas, peaches & guava can be consumed.

Foods which can be consumed during the rainy season:

Bitter Gourd: It is high in anti –bacterial, anti-inflammatory qualities. Bitter gourds are highly beneficial for your health. Feeding bitter gourd to children can be difficult, but their health benefits cannot be ignored.

Dry fruits: Walnuts & almonds are healthy snacks. Sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds are also good additions to dry fruits which are healthy for children and all.

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