Which types of dance are best in Pregnancy -

Which types of dance are best in Pregnancy

Which types of dance are best in Pregnancy

by: Dr. Parmila Sharma
HOD – Physiotherapy

During pregnancy, dancing is safe and a fun way to exercise. For beginners, always start with gentle dance classes that don’t involve jumping and too strenuous activity (always talk to your doctor before dancing during pregnancy).

Dancing helps to keeps you flexible, it strengthens your muscles, keeps your heart and lungs healthy during pregnancy.

Dancing at least 30 minutes three or four times a week can be very beneficial for your health. A combination of dance and regular exercises such as swimming or pregnancy yoga is beneficial for pregnancy, opt for such choices that don’t strain your muscles.

Types of dances to opt for in Pregnancy:

  • Low impact dance – It is one of the best types of dance during pregnancy. Always give emphasis on maintaining fitness, rather than improving it. However, if you feel well and you have a healthy pregnancy you may increase your fitness level.
  • Jazz dance, samba, ballroom dancing and salsa – These are low impact aerobics are safe for staying in shape especially in early pregnancy. But they may become more difficult later on.
  • Gentle belly dancing – It is slow and includes controlled movements and they are safe in pregnancy.
  • Belly dancing – This includes the use of your tummy and trunk muscles and helps to strengthen your back muscles. Belly dancing helps to maintain your normal posture and also strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Dances to avoid in Pregnancy:

  • Hip-hop, urban and street dance are not good during pregnancy because in these types of dance jerky movements are involved.
  • Avoid tap dancing which involves repeated hops and jumps as it can damage to your joints when you are pregnant. And this form of dance also puts pressure on the pelvic floor muscles.
  • Avoid any form of dance that involves jumps, sudden & fast changes of direction such as twist, & turns, because you may lose your balance and fall over.
  • Avoid strenuous or vigorous forms of dancing during pregnancy.
  • During dance, if you feel exhausted, dizzy, discomfort in breath either slow down or stop the intensity of dance until recover.

What else you should bear in mind when dancing during pregnancy-

  • Warm up
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after the dance.
  • Choose well ventilated/air conditioning dance classrooms.
  • Avoid excessive stretching, kicking and dance moves. If something hurts you don’t do it.

When should you not dance – If you are suffering from chronic health conditions, pregnancy complication or pelvic girdle pain, you should try and avoid dancing during pregnancy.

You may be recommended always do exercise/dance under medical supervision.


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