Will I Be Able To Lose The Weight Post Pregnancy? - Will I Be Able To Lose The Weight Post Pregnancy? -

Will I Be Able To Lose The Weight Post Pregnancy?

Will I Be Able To Lose The Weight Post Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is one of the most desirable and memorable experiences of womanhood. Though it entails doctors consultation and visits right from its first prospective sign and confirmation all through the entire nine month period, it surely is a health state totally normal and physiological. And though this physiological journey the woman embraces a lot of changes in body, the most apparent and prominent being remarkable weight gain. So the most obvious question that arises next is ‘Will I be able to lose weight post pregnancy?’ The answer to which is a definite ‘YES!’ In this era of hyperconsciousness about body image and facial looks and sculpted enviable bodies ruling the trend, checking on one’s body weight is pandemic and the “in thing” round the year. And a newly become mother certainly wants to get back into her glad rags.

Weight loss post pregnancy has to be natural:

Since the pregnancy weight gain is a natural process it has to be lost in a healthy and most natural and holistic way post childbirth. The process should be gradual and consistent just the way it set in. In fact the fitness regime begins before childbirth -right from conception ideally. There are specialized exercises, yoga asanas especially for pregnant ladies to keep mother and baby in utmost health and ward off various ailments and health issues commonly creeping up during this period, most common these days being hypertension, gestational diabetes, hormonal derangements, IUGR, preterm labor, etc. Increased age at conception is again common these days which itself is a risk factor.

So the weight loss process post pregnancy shouldn’t be some grueling marathon course of few weeks/months but a targeted journey addressing various aspects of weight loss i.e. diet, physical workout, understanding ones body’s BMR, addressing hormonal issues while ensuring optimum care and nursing of the newborn.

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Keep a check in your cooking habits too:

The 80% of your workout begins at kitchen. What you eat shall definitely reflects on your countenance and physique. Excessive desi ghee in food and laddoos, unchecked intake of sugar loaded delicacies and excessive refined food stuff definitely tale a toll on a woman’s health alongside zero movement bed rest during pregnancy.  A clear understanding of what’s healthy and what’s not, right sources of nutrients, their right amount, balancing your diet is of utmost importance rather than blindly following legacy of over doing mother-in-law. This alongside physical cookout is equally essential for optimal health and weight loss.

Plan a workout :

The day to day tiring activity doesn’t account for body workout at all as some might assume, a minimum 45 mins to 1 hour workout schedule everyday encompassing specialized exercises, Zumba, Yoga, Cardio, Brisk Walk, Jogging etc. is required. Exercise not only burns fats, it also optimizes your hormones, improves blood circulation, builds muscles and bones, triggers metabolism which in turn help to lose weight even during hours of physical  inactivity.

Eat right:

Incorporating lots of fruits, green vegetables, nuts, beans, lentils, sprouts, salads, curd and cutting down on processed, refined canned, deep fried, ready to use foods should be practiced. Carbohydrates and fats have to be limited. Remember longer the shelf life of food, lesser the years of your life.

Tips to lose weight by eating right:

Weight loss journey doesn’t necessarily imply costly subscription to gyms and expensive grocery shopping. “Old is gold” our conventional diets are healthy. One just have to subtract the faults that we have added over the years. Following key points should be noted:

  • Olive oil is not a must have round the year. You can rotate sunflower/groundnut/ricebran/vegetable oil. They are healthy too if consumed optimally.
  • Salads should not be optional. They should be consumed on a daily basis in good amount. There’s a variety available and repetition is no excuse.
  • Curd and yoghurt should find place in your meals in whichever form (plain, raita, smoothie, lassi) on daily basis.
  • Cut down n sugar, salt and refined flour in every way.
  • Preserved foods and beverages contain excessive salts and sugar. Avoid them.
  • Artificial sweetness never made a healthy choice. Try “Stevia leaves” and gur (jaggery) instead.
  • Incorporate more of “stem cooked” and fermented food like idli and dosa. They make healthy alternatives to oily food.
  • Consuming a “variety of food and seasonal items” provides for all the nutrients leaving little scope for deficiency.
  • Absolutely nothing should stop you from a minimum 45 mins to 1 hour workout everyday
  • Try to practice different types of exercises and workout regimes. It helps to tone and work on every aspect of your body i.e. stamina, strength and flexibility.
  • Don’t be over enthusiastic and aggressive with exercises. Step up gradually and preferably under an instructor to avoid injuries, strain and wrong moves.
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