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Is Yoga Good For Pregnant Women?

Is Yoga Good For Pregnant Women?

by: Dr. Shilva
Sr. Consultant - Obstetrics & Gynecology Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Yoga is very beneficial during pregnancy. Yoga helps you to breathe and relax, which in turn can help you to adjust your physical demands of pregnancy, labor, birth and motherhood. It calms both the mind and the body and provides physical and emotional stress relief that your body needs throughout the pregnancy. Taking a prenatal yoga class is a great way to meet other moms to be and commence on this journey together.


Following are the some recommended guidelines to be followed:

  • Tell your instructor that you are pregnant – If you are attending a regular yoga class be sure to tell the instructor you are pregnant and which trimester you are currently in.
  • Opt for poses that don’t cause any injury – From the second trimester onwards when your centre of gravity starts to shift you should do any standing poses with your heel to the wall or use a chair for support. This helps you to avoid losing your body balance and risking injury to yourself or your baby.
  • Don’t do any asanas on your back after the first trimester – They can reduce blood flow to the uterus.
  • Avoid hot yoga work out in an overheated room – Overheating can endanger the health of your growing baby.
  • Stretch yourself – While bending forward the hinge from hips leading with breastbone and extending the spine from the crown of the head down to the tailbone. This allows more space for the ribs to move, which makes breathing easier.
  • Pay attention to your abdominal area – Avoid poses that stretch the muscles too much particularly the abdominal area. When practicing the yoga twisting poses, twist more from the shoulders and back than from the waist, to avoid putting any pressure on your abdomen.
  • Strengthen your pelvic area – Keep the pelvis in a neutral position while performing yoga by engaging the abdominals and slightly tucking the tailbone down and in. It will help you to relax the muscles of your buttocks and the hip flexors, which can help reduce or prevent sciatic pain down the back of the leg, a common side effect of pregnancy.
  • If you feel any discomfort immediately stop – You will probably need to modify each pose as your body changes during pregnancy. A good instructor can help you to customize your yoga that suits the stage of pregnancy you are in.
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