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Yoga and Women’s Health

Yoga and Women’s Health

by: Dr. Parmila Sharma
HOD – Physiotherapy

Yoga is an exceptional way of exercise to ensure that your mind, body and soul are in balance. It is the best way to ensure thorough fitness. Numerous asana and exercises have been highlighted to benefit the patients in a number of ways. It has also been proven as the best practice to prevent a number of ailments ranging from cardiac disease, obesity, liver failure and kidney issues. The goal of yoga is to also calm the mind, ensure better coordination of mind and body.

Women and Yoga:

A woman’s body is unique, for it is associated with transitions of puberty, the fertile years, menopause and post menopause. Through yoga a woman can maintain a balanced and harmonious reproductive system and may lead to greater vitality and radiant wellness. A yoga practice has the potential to support positive transformation through these natural cycles.

Regular practice of certain specific postures provides the body with necessary strength to face the contractions to ease labor, speed recovery and restore energy levels. Post natal practice of yoga helps to restore firmness in the muscles.

Practicing yoga regularly can prove very beneficial for women. Yoga can provide innumerable benefits to women like improving reproductive system, helping in natural child birth, giving complete workout to the body.

Benefits of Yoga for Women

  • Gives complete workout to the body
  • Enhances endocrine system
  • Helps to adjust reproductive organs
  • Improves metabolism
  • Helps to care various health disease
  • Helps to get rid of stress
  • Beneficial for natural child birth
  • Fitness and weight management
  • Stress reduction and weight management
  • Pain management
  • Pregnancy

The Take Home Message for Women Opting for Yoga:

  • Start Young – Adolescence age is an ideal time to begin the practice of yoga. It will not only help to develop a healthy and regular menstrual cycle but will also help to deal with psychological changes
  • Be careful in your middle ages- Middle age for a woman comes with complexities. Yoga plays the role of a healer for a new set of physical changes in women. During the menopausal phase helps to balance hormones keep weight under control, avoid medical complications and maintain healthy digestive system.
  • A daily dose is important – A daily yoga routine can be modified and adapted to suit a women’s changing needs in each phase of life helping her to achieve peace of mind and bodily poise.
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