Requirement of Breastfeeding Rooms in Public Areas | |Parasbliss New Delhi
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Breastfeeding Rooms Petition

Petition-Breastfeeding Rooms are a must in Public Areas
Breastfeeding Rooms Petition

This World Breastfeeding Week lets stand up to make our public places breast feeding friendly. We all are well aware of the importance of breast feeding. It is every child’s right and not just a privilege. But please introspect- DO OUR PUBLIC PLACES HAVE SPACES FOR BREASTFEEDING? No! You can’t see any Breastfeeding friendly spaces at bus depots, railway stations or even the metro stations. A mother and her infant are left with three choices:

  • Feed the child in public and feel uncomfortable while doing so!
  • Give your child baby formula milk which is devoid of the rich nutrients in mother’s milk
  • Keep your child hungry till you find a vacant, private and secure spot.

It’s time for a change! It’s time to urge responsibility amongst the government, regulatory, quality and infrastructure. In the era of making our society woman friendly, probably we are ignoring the plight of a breast feeding mother. Join our petition to raise awareness about public spaces having enclosures for breast feeding.



Paras Bliss Guraon
Paras Bliss Panchkula