How can I opt for cervical cancer vaccination? Can my daughter also get the same?

Cervical cancer vaccine is recommended to women before they start their sexual activity. Women can opt for the vaccination before their marriage. Infact, as per the guidelines you can vaccinate your daughter when she is 12 years old. There are a number of vaccines available in the market – Broad/Narrow spectrum that covers a no of HPV strains. There are few that cover men for genital warts too. Consult your gynecologist for more details.

My daughter has cramps and severe stomach ache during her menstrual cycle, what should we do?

Menstrual cramps, pain and discomfort are normal for all girls just before periods which gradually subside when good flow starts. She can take a warm bath, do regular physical exercise, regular yoga and take vitamin tablets. Eating light and nutritious meals will be helpful. For anti spasmodic tabs, it is advised that you consult to a gynecologist first.

My daughter has just started her menstrual cycle. What are the safe practices that should be followed?

Menstrual Hygiene is very important:

  • They should change their sanitary pad every 4-6 hours during day time, just before sleeping and immediately after getting up in the morning.
  • PH balance hygiene wash should be used once a week.
  • During menstrual cycles, they should wash their private parts properly.
  • They should take proper bath during this period in order to avoid any odour that occurs.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes and stay fresh & dry
  • Do not use dirty cloth, instead use a sanitary napkin or fresh cloth during your period and dispose the cloth properly after use.

How should I counsel my daughter on puberty?

Puberty in female child is with onset of menstrual cycle. All girls after the age of 10 should be aware of this change in their body and they should be mentally prepared every month to handle the issues associated with menstrual cycle. Every girl should be counseled on the cycle of womanhood and how menstruation is an integral part of the same. They should be made confident of the fact that this is a natural process and not a disease. Every child should be explained the hygiene aspects associated.  Emphasis should be laid on the changing body shape, voice and other secondary features. Make your daughter feel confident and let her welcome womanhood.

How can I make my child gain weight healthily?

As a parent, there’s lot you can do to help your child reach a healthier weight.  One of the most powerful ways to encourage your child is to be active and eat well. All children need about 60 minutes of physical activity a day for good health, but it doesn’t need to be all at once. Split them into several short 10-minute or even five-minute bursts of activity throughout the day. Ban “sweetened” drinks from the home – persuade your children to drink water instead. Make sure the whole family eats breakfast every day. Drag the kids away from the TV, computer and games console, and instead get active as a family by walking, cycling, going to the park, playground or swimming together. Prepare more meals at home. Avoid over-sized portions. Start meals with small servings and let your child ask for more if they’re still hungry. Avoid giving adult-sized plates to younger children – it can encourage them to eat too much.

My child is underweight. what should I do?

If your child is underweight, it’s important that your child gains weight in a healthy way, and this means eating a balanced diet which is three meals a day and healthy snacks. To help your child gain weight, increase their portion sizes at mealtimes, especially for starchy foods such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes. If your child isn’t consuming enough calories, you can boost their daily intake by providing healthier snacks, such as dried fruits, small sandwiches with cheese or eggs, bananas, etc. Even if your child is underweight, it’s still important that they’re physically active. Physical activity helps them develop strong, healthy bones and muscles. Keep regular records of your child’s height and weight. Once your child has reached a healthy weight, their diet may need adjusting so that they don’t become overweight.

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