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Should I get the flu shot when I am pregnant?

Yes, flu vaccine is safe during pregnancy, but one must request for flu shots and not nasal spray. The flu shot for influenza is made from inactived virus and is safe to be administered at any time during pregnancy. If you are allergic to egg, you must tell your doctor because the flu vaccine contains small amount of egg protein. There is also a vaccine that doesn’t contain egg and approved for use in adults above 18.

What are the medications that are safe during pregnancy?

No self medication is allowed in pregnancy especially in the first trimester. It’s always advisable to consult your doctor before taking even vitamins and simple medication for cough and cold. At times even the medication for pre-existing diseases needs to be re-evaluated and changed, ask your doctor even about herbal and homeopathy treatment you are taking because most of the herbal medicines have not been proven to be safe during pregnancy.

How should I exercise during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a normal physiological phenomena and our body is well equipped to deal and cope with the body changes and the demand of pregnancy. Nevertheless, one should not exert during pregnancy more than what one’s body is used to. You could continue with whatever exercise regiment you were doing prior to pregnancy but as soon as your body signals exertion, pain and discomfort, you should stop and you have to discusss it with your obstetrician as certain pregnancies require reduced exertion or bed rest.

Can I have intercourse during pregnancy?

The basic guide is the women’s comfort but if there is a history of miscarriage, pre-mature labour, STD and infection in any of the partners, multipe pregnancy – intercourse should be avoided; generally the obstetricians suggest limitation or avoidance for a period of time. During first trimester, due to nausea and vomiting and fatigue the desire to have sex reduces and it gets better by the time second trimester starts. It’s best to consult your Obstetrician regarding intercourse.

Foods that should be avoided during pregnancy?

Avoid coffee, alcohol, coke, diet coke, raw eggs or half cooked egg, raw fish, smoked fish. Limit your fish intake especially in first trimester because high content of mercury in certain fish can harm the baby. Also avoid mouldy ripened, soft cheeses such as brie and camembert but cottage cheese mozzarella, feta, paneer, goat and ricotta are safe. Cold cuts like salami are not cooked and therefore should be avoided. Goes without saying that alcoholic beverages should be avoided! Spicy food and chillis in first trimester can exaggerate your morning sickness so best to avoid..

When should I schedule my first prenatal visit?

As soon as you suspect you are pregnant, schedule an appointment with a Gynaecologist/Obstetrician, but best would be to plan a pre-pregnancy counselling, so that screening tests are done for pre-existing medical conditions. If there is any pre-existing disease it’s dealt in advance. For example if there is high blood pressure, diabetes and blood disorder etc, adequate treatment is started.

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