I am pregnant and exercise severe skin stretch and back pain. How can physiotherapy help?

Pregnancy leads to weight gain, muscle stretch and back pain complains are common. Pregnant women also tend to spend time on the bed and refrain from any physical activity. It is best that you enrol yourself in a pre natal physiotherapy session or ante natal class that teaches you the breathing exercises, stretching regimes and the couple sessions. Talk to a physio expert to get guidance on the same.

I am a 45 yr old woman. Post pregnancy, I start to experience urine leaks. Is there is a treatment other than surgery?

Kegel exercises and pelvic floor exercises are the best recommendations for you. They are a bunch of exercises that can help strengthen the pelvic muscles and help you control your urine. This issue is called urinary incontinence. By simply getting a session of training you will be able to strengthen your bladder muscles. You can perform the simple exercises at home or even while working. The most important aspect is the right guidance.

I am a 55 yrs old woman, is it too late to opt for physiotherapy classes for muscle toning and fitness?

There is no age restriction for fitness. You can start at any age and it is never too late. Issues caused by one or more pregnancies, childbirth, chronically poor ways of moving or menopause often don't get better on their own.   They typically get worse or can manifest later in life.  It's never too late to get checked and we urge you to do so.  If you have never actually gone through childbirth yet you find yourself facing various health issues related to pelvic health, such as diastasis recti, incontinence, prolapse,  vaginismus or other types of pelvic pain, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We work with women in all stages of life and are here to serve you.

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