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What is Pap Smear test?

Pap Smear can be defined as the most inexpensive and recommended way to check cervical cancer – the second most prevalent cancer amongst women. Cervical Cancer can be defined as the cancer of the cervix. In a Pap Smear Test a small sample of the cells from the cervix – the lower narrow end of the uterus – is taken and is examined microscopically to detect the growth of cancer cells, especially Cervical Cancer Cells.

pap smear test

How is it done?

This is a simple OPD procedure that takes only 10 minutes to perform. No hospitalization is required for the same. Also the procedure should be performed by a specialized gynecologist only.

When you enter the cabin of the doctor, they would request you to dress down completely or from the waist down. You will be told to lay down on the examination bed with your knees bent. The doctor will gentle insert a speculum (a small instrument) in your vagina. This instrument would hold the walls of the vagina apart so that the doctor can see the cervix easily. During this procedure you might feel some pressure in your pelvic area. Then with the help of a spatula or a small brush the doctor collects the samples of the cervix. This process 98% of the times doesn’t hurt. The doctor transfers the cells on a glass slide or in some liquid for examination.

When should you get a Pap Smear Test?

A Pap Smear test is best to detect the presence of Human Pappilloma Virus (HPV) responsible for causing Cervical Cancer. HPV infection can be from men and women. Every woman should go for an annual Pap Smear Test after commencing their sexual life. Many a times an HPV infection is asymptomatic and can stay undetected for a number of years. Also women post the age of 35 yrs should have a annual Pap Smear test for sure. It is to be noted that with the increase in the number of sexual partners the probability of contracting HPV infection increases, and so does the risk of developing Cervical Cancer.

Post three normal Pap Smear Tests, you can discuss with your doctor if you can opt for Pap Smear tests after an interval of 5 yrs.

How to prepare for a Pap Smear Test?

For your gynecological exam, make sure of the following:

  • You should not be menstruating at the time of the examination. If you are reschedule your appointment.
  • You should refrain from sexual activity for at least 48 hrs before the test.
  • You stay calm and relaxed during the test.

Post a Pap Smear test you are free to walk and do any kind of physical activity. In some select cases spotting has been observed, however the same is minor and doesn’t include any complications.



At Paras Bliss, our motto is to ensure that the mother and child have access to the best medical expertise and healthcare infrastructure accompanied by compassionate care. The Department of Obstetrics Fetal Medicine at Paras Bliss is unique in its composition, providing the mother, patient attendants and the neonates a holistic environment specialized for delivering your bundle of joy. Our fetal medicine unit possess single personalized rooms that are customized to suit the requirements of the expecting mother and her close attendants. This approach highlights that we understand that every mother is unique and so are her needs.

Paras Bliss strongly supports normal deliveries and ensures that every medical decision is well informed. The department obstetrics experts are adept in performing complex high risk pregnancy deliveries, preterm and precious deliveries. Each centre at Paras Bliss is well equipped with the state of the art infrastructure – LDR Suites, Proficient Maternity Care, specialized modular operation theaters and NICU facilities.

Paras Bliss Hospital organizes in-house gynae camp to educate women on gynae and obstetrics problems

While women do not pay attention to their health and regular screenings, many are unaware about the gynae and obstetrics issues that they might suffer from

Women often ignore their own health concerns as they devote their lives to caring for their children and family

Women undergo several changes in their body mechanisms throughout their lives. The hormonal changes, menstrual cycles, greater propensity to suffer early bone loss and arthritis are factors exclusive to women. However, often they ignore their own health issues, do not pay attention to indicators or warning symptoms as they are too busy looking after their families.

To draw the attention of mothers and women to their own health issues and the need to stay alert, doctors at Paras Bliss Hospital for Mother & Child conducted an in-house gyaencology and obstetrics camp to educate the women regarding health procedures and gynaecologic concerns with expert and compassionate care.

From urinary tract infections, to pelvic function disorders to such serious concerns as cervical cancer — women face multiple health worries during and beyond their reproductive periods. While it is important for women to immediately react to the noticeable symptoms, a regular health checkup is highly recommendable, especially post menopause.

At multiple points in their lives, women face different kinds of health issues ranging from hormonal imbalance, disturbed menstrual cycles, polycystic ovary syndrome or other reproductive health issues to more serious health woes such as cervical or ovarian cancer. The key to warding off dangers and threats is to stay alert and keep up the defences.

“Cervical cancer and breast cancer are the top two diseases that cause maximum cancer deaths for women worldwide. A little amount of alertness and awareness about these issues can save a number of lives by detecting the developments on time. This is particularly relevant in the case of cervical cancer, which is the only form of cancer that can be prevented with vaccination. However, we find that awareness is very abysmal among Indian women about health issues that are so crucial to them. Hence through this camp we aimed at educating the women regarding gynaecological diseases and health problems concerning them,” said Dr Shilva, Consultant –Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paras Bliss Hospital for Mother & Child.

Women body undergoes different stages throughout her life, and accordingly takes place the hormonal changes. In the period after pregnancy, women experience several characteristic health issues such as urinary incontinence, issues with the bowel movement and painful sex. Sometimes there can emerge serious disorders such as pelvic function disorders or pelvic organ prolapse. These issues should never be taken lightly and should be immediately reported to the doctor.

“India suffers from lack of culture of regular checkups. The ignorance increases when it comes to women. However, regular visits to doctor for a routine checkups and preventive screening is one of the important aspects of maintaining health. In India, this concept is considered to be waste of money, especially in case of women. Breast cancer and cervical cancers can be detected through simple and cost effective tests like an ultrasound/mammography and a PAP Smear. However, most women don’t even know the importance of the same. Also many a times, gynaecological symptoms tend to resemble other medical conditions or urological problems. Therefore, it further necessitates the need to consult a physician for diagnosis. Women face menstrual (bleeding) problems at some point or the other in life. It is mandatory to get the right opinion so that the appropriate treatment is done and unnecessary operative interventions are avoided.” Dr. Harpreet Kaur Isher – Consultant –Obstetrics and Gynecology, Paras Bliss Hospital for Mother & Child

The camp  attracted a lot of women participants who eagerly gained knowledge from the experts on gynecological diseases such as irregular menses, increased decreased bleeding during menses, leucorrhoea, persistent leucorrhoea not responding to the treatment,  lower abdominal pain, backache, bleeding after menopause, primary infertility, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which occurs when hormones are out of balance and causes issues during menstruation and difficulty in getting pregnant.

Webinar At Paras Bliss

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PCOD Webinar

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Paras Bliss is a unique chain of specialized Mother and Child Care centers that aim at providing holistic medical expertise. It provides a combination of clinical guidance and specialized care programs aiding the expecting mothers in embracing motherhood and making the new born feel more welcome and comfortable in the new environment. Paras Bliss through its numerous unique initiatives is dedicated to provide care beyond birth by providing post natal weight reduction programs, post natal new born care, pediatric assessment, vaccinations and adolescent hygiene programs.


Paras Healthcare through the inception of Paras Bliss aims at creating specialized centers dedicated to the Mother and Child. The holistic care centers shall specialize in medical expertise for maternity care, obstetrics, high risk pregnancy, advanced pediatric and neonatal intensive care. Along with specialty care, the centers will support the expecting mothers and newborns with unique programs – Ante Natal Class, Baby & Toddle Care, Lactation Counseling, Post Delivery Weight Reduction, Pal Services, to list a few. The programs have been devised to ensure that excellence is delivered and each mother gets- More for Motherhood.

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Paras Bliss provides comprehensive Mother & Child Care services. Each hospital has medical expertise, state of the art infrastructure, latest technology and compassionate care to provide assistance for high risk pregnancy, pediatric and neonatology care, antenatal and ancillary support services.

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