Painless Normal Delivery

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Painless Normal Delivery

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What is Painless delivery?

Painless delivery is the latest medical intervention that helps women become an active participant in delivery. The process is called a Pain less Delivery as the sensation of pain is numbed by an Epidural Anesthesia. It is an advance clinical protocol in pain management which ensures that a pregnant woman has comfortable labour. It is a regional application in which an anesthetic drug is injected near the spinal cord (in spinal canal). It also helps in decreasing the caesarian section rate.

The advantages of the process are:

A pain less delivery always keeps the option of a C section open for the woman in pain. If she is not able to bear the labour stress, she has the option for opting out of a normal delivery. It relaxes the women and makes them an active participant in the delivery process. Since the women are relaxed, the delivery is quick and the chances of fetal and maternal distress are minimized. It is a safe procedure recommended by obstetricians and the gynecologists worldwide introducing them to the option of delivering pain free under the observation of medical specialists.

What is Epidural Anaesthesia?

Epidural anesthesia is a common method preferred by women to combat pain during delivery. During the process the pregnant lady remains conscious and aware of the activities going on, but there is numbness in the pelvic region. The epidural is a combination of pain killing medications. The medication prevents transmission of pain signals from the womb and cervix to the brain. An epidural anesthetic blocks the nerve roots that lead to the uterus and lower part of the body.

The advantages of epidural anesthesia:

The method provides almost complete relief from labour pain in most cases. The patient is in a conscious state during the delivery, more involved in the process and mobile. It also reduces anxiety and irritability caused due to labour pain and gives confidence to the patient as a result of which she is able to cooperate during labour. This makes the process of delivery better and faster. It also makes it easier to carry out instrumental delivery, such as with forceps, and stitch the episiotomy in a painless manner. Epidural also helps to deal with exhaustion, irritability and fatigue.When in labour pain, the mother secrets hormones which distress the baby. Epidural analgesia brings down the high blood pressure which some of the mothers have during labour and comforts both the mother as well as the baby. It is extremely beneficial for patients who have heart disease. If the patient has to be taken for caesarean section, the effect can be topped up through the epidural catheter.  Unnecessary caesarean can be avoided for patients who are afraid of pain. To opt for a painless delivery, consult your gynecologist to see if you can go through the same.


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