Special Pregnancy Programs at Paras Bliss Delhi, Panchhkula & Chandigarh Special Pregnancy Programs at Paras Bliss Delhi, Panchhkula & Chandigarh

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Our Special Programs

Ante Natal Class

A specialized series of sessions aimed at providing the mother the right pregnancy guide comprising of nutrition, labour, birth, lactation, physiotherapy, yoga and early parenthood.

Post Delivery Weight Reduction Program

The right diet , exercise & advice to help your body regain composure and balance after child birth. The program is a combination of yoga, physiotherapy sessions, diet and nutrition counseling.

Lactation Counseling

Get the right advice from professional breastfeeding specialists to tackle easy and difficult situation such as latching, painful nursing, and low milk production.

Baby Care/Toddler Care

A team of pediatrics and neonatologists care for your child on regular intervals, to ensure the right growth, development, and nutrition.

Baby Massage Treatment

Special massage sessions developed and designed to keep your baby fit , flexible and healthy. Sessions delivered by trained professional masseurs.

Mommy Massage Treatment – Prenatal and Post Natal

Specialized massage sessions for the expecting and post delivery mothers by professional masseurs to keep the mothers fit, flexible and healthy.

Pal Services

A specialized service to aid the new mothers by providing them 24X7 counseling, emotional and labour guidance during their pregnancy.

Adolescent Hygiene Program

A program aimed at educating the mothers and their teenage daughters on puberty, menstrual cycles and associated adolescent health developmental issues.

Stretch Mark Treatment Plan

A well developed plan to address the most common issues of pregnancy – Stretch marks . The plan highlights removal, treatment and follow up aspects.

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