Adolescent Hygiene Program

Adolescent Hygiene Program

Our Special Program

Puberty is an important stage in your child’s life. Just as they are dealing with the changes in their body, voice and character, you as parents also have to deal with counseling them about making the right choices, ensuring hygiene and most importantly not get conscious about the changes that are taking place in their body.

Paras Bliss understands the predicament that many parents feel and have introduced a specialized program for the adolescent boys and girls to sensitize them about their age. These programs can be integrated at a community ad school level.

The program is also supported by a team of experienced Gynecologists, Nutrition Experts, Psychologists and Dentists to ensure that the best medical information is shared with them and in the best possible format of acceptability.

The aim of the program is to: 

  • Make adolescents feel comfortable with the changes
  • Not feel conscious of the changes in their body and character
  • Understand how to react to changes
  • Have a control on situations
  • Opt for the best hygiene practices and report any abnormality
  • Make them understand that it is best to share their experiences with their parents.


The program is specially designed for girls and boys from 11- 13 years of age. Research highlights that this is the best age to sensitize the children on puberty related information.

To know the details of the costing and the registration details contact the hospital coordinator. – 0172-5054441 (Panchkula);  0124-4585555(Gurgaon)

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