Baby Care/Toddler Care

Baby Care/Toddler Care

Our Special Program

Child Care Assistance Program

Just as you welcome a new born in your life, you are surrounded with apprehensions and doubts concerning many aspects associated with your bundle of joy. How to handle the growing needs of your baby? How to be sure of what to do? Motherhood is a full time job and parenting has to be perfect to ensure that your new born is health, growing fine and is well protected against the infectious diseases.

Paras Bliss has a well developed team to take care of the needs of the parents. The well detailed program supported by experts, specialists and counselors, has stages of counseling as per the age of the child.

Such a specialized program helps the new father and mother adapt well to their new found responsibility with time.


THE BABY CARE PROGRAM is divided into 3 parts and provides support to the expecting mothers till the baby is 1 year old. The program includes the expert advice and counseling of Obstetrician (pre & post delivery), Lactation Counselor (pre & post delivery), Neonatologist/Pediatrician (post delivery)


Post your baby is one year old; a different set of challenges present themselves. Parents are advised to keep a check on their children as this is the time that they are most prone to infections. It is important to be trained about the key signs and symptoms and be empowered with training and information. The program at Paras Bliss is well supported by pediatricians, nutrition experts and lactation counselors.

The topics that would be covered by the experts are:

Toddler health, Toddler development- month-by-month, Speech and language, Daily toddler care, Washing and hygiene, Tooth care and teething, Nutrition, Feeding your toddler well, Food and nutrition concerns, Bad habits and table manners, Recipes and meal plans, Potty training, Behaviour and habits, Encouraging positive behaviour, Toddler behaviour problems, Disturbing toddler habits, Toddler games and play, Month-by-month play guide, Understanding toddler play and Toddler sleep.

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