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Lactation Counseling

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Lactation Program

Breast feeding can be described as one of the most rewarding pursuits of motherhood.  Breast milk is the perfect nutrition for your new born and has the nutrients to boost your child’s immunity. Research has indicated that babies that are breast fed have better immune levels to fight infectious diseases, allergies, ear infections and child hood illnesses. Moreover children who have been exclusively breast fed have reported with a higher IQ level that their contrary.

Breast Feeding and the bond:

Breast feeding helps in forming a bond between the mother and the new born baby. This exercise not just benefits the baby, but also is beneficial to the mother:

  • Helps in relaxation
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Reduces the risk of breast cancer
  • Reduces the risk of ovarian cancer
  • Reduces the risk of osteoporosis

Hence it is medically recommended that mothers opt for exclusive breastfeeding

Lactation Counseling:

It is recommended that a mother commences breastfeeding in the first hour of her becoming a new mother. In fact the baby should receive the first batch of the mother’s milk – colostrums- which is rich in nutrients and antibodies. Post the same the mother has to be trained  on a number of aspects. 

Specialized Lactation Counseling:

For many working women, exclusive breast feeding becomes a challenge, as they have to balance the work, family and baby responsibilities. Paras Bliss Lactation Counselors provide you with easy solutions to store your breast milk and feed your baby when required.  They also provide training to the new nannies on the requirements of the baby.

Baby Attention:

Post delivery breast feeding helps the mother to regain her body composition and lose the extra weight. With breast feeding the baby builds on its strength and gains weight. Paras Bliss Lactation Counselors help you in case your baby is not gaining the requisite amount of weight. They work with the team of neonatologists and pediatricians to ensure that the best medical handling is given to the baby.

To know the details of the costing and the registration details contact the hospital coordinator. – 0172-5054441 (Panchkula), 0124-4585555 (Gurgaon)

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