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Pal Services

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During a pregnancy a woman has various apprehensions associated with her changing body, labour pains, spousal support and above all how she will care for her new born baby. These apprehensions and anxieties are more found in women going through their first pregnancy. Usually women have their mother or relatives to support them in this ordeal, however the growing nuclear families and growing distances is making it difficult for first mothers.

Paras Bliss supports you:

Just as you were feeling low, depressed and lost as ho you would handle the situation, Paras Bliss steps in. We are truly your partners in health and understand that every mother needs more for motherhood.  We provide you a ‘PAL’ to aid you in your pregnancy.

Paras Bliss PAL Services:

Paras Bliss will provide you a personal birthing consultant-A specialized professional who is trained to support you emotionally and guide you during the emotional and physical journey of giving birth.

As you are transforming into a mother, your PAL shall assist you and prepare you for your delivery 15 days prior. She shall also be with you 15 days post delivery to ensure that you adapt well to the change and learn how to take care of your bundle of joy.When can you opt for PAL Services?

You can opt for PAL services in your their trimester. Discuss the benefits of a personalized birthing consultant with your obstetrician. You have to intimate the hospital authorities in advance as your PAL supports you for:

  • 15 days pre delivery
  • During delivery
  • 15 days post delivery

To know the details of the costing and the registration details contact the hospital coordinator. – 0172-5054441 (Panchkula);  0124-4585555(Gurgaon)

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