Post Delivery Weight Reduction Program

Post Delivery Weight Reduction Program

Our Special Program

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss

Just as you were preparing your body for motherhood- the hunger pangs, extra nutrition required and care from your partner and family ensured that you fare well and welcome your bundle of joy. Post delivery it is important that you slip back into a healthy diet regime to lose the extra pounds.

Because you want your old body back!

Who doesn’t want to slip back into the old jeans and clothes? The difference is that since you are breastfeeding, crash diets are out of question. You have to choose well developed expert advised programs that ensure that you weight loss doesn’t have an impact on your baby.

The right time to start?

Before you get back to your old exercise regime or start anew, consult your doctor. Your delivery decides when you can begin your postnatal weight loss. You may be advised to wait for six weeks post delivery. C section cases may differ.

Weight Reduction Specialists

To ensure that you do your body no harm, it is advised that you follow the expert opinion of the specialists to lose weight. Paras Bliss is supported by a team of professionals’ specializing in Post Natal Weight Loss Programs.

The specialists customize programs as per the Body Mass Index (BMI) of every mother and develop plans that shall suit the new mother the best.

Gynecologist/Obstetrician: They record the patient history and study your delivery. Post analysis they suggest the suitable time to commence exercise, diet and weight loss programs.

Physiotherapists: They are the back bone of the program and provide the new mother the zeal to get back in shape. At Paras Bliss, the rehabilitation experts have developed a series of sessions that aim at strengthening the muscles of the body, provide cardiovascular fitness, condition the abdominal muscles and firm up the body.

Nutrition Experts: They ensure that along with the exercise you get the right diet.  Medically it is advised that all mothers opt for exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months. The diet specialists develop your balanced diet chart to ensure that you and baby remain healthy. The diet prescribed is keeping in mind the lactation requirements. The charts are developed with reference to your BMI and medical history. Mothers are not advised crash diets or less food, they are only recommended healthy food habits that can bring a change to their body.

Expert Masseurs:  Post delivery your abdominal, hip and leg muscles need toning . Your body has gone through a process of change. To embrace it, Paras Bliss, accompanies your post natal weight reduction program with specialized massages. The expert masseurs provide belly wraps and massage your body with aromatherapy and reflexology.

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