Ante Natal Class

Ante Natal Class

Our Special Program

Antenatal classes

Paras Bliss presents a special program aimed at empowering every mother to welcome the new change and beginning. The program is developed to cover all important facets associated with pregnancy and is also supported by a team of specialists to give the expecting mothers – More for Motherhood.

Why do you need Ante Natal Classes ?

Antenatal classes can help you and your partner to prepare for labour, birth and early parenthood. These classes focus on labour birth and will guide you through late pregnancy helping you on how your life will be with the new-born baby. Through these classes you will become confident in how to deal with different situations during and after your pregnancy.

Which specialists shall be a part of the program?

The Ante natal classes act as a holistic guide to motherhood.  Various specialists touch upon major aspects, train you and encourage you to welcome your new beginning with confidence. The specialists who shall be a part of your journey to motherhood are:

Gynecologist: Education on the evolution of the female reproduction system, your changing hormones, anxiety depression and apprehensions with labour pain & responsibility are few of the aspects that the women specialist shall be touching.

Physiotherapists: They prepare you to deal with the changes in your body and ensure that you are ready for the delivery. Briefing on the do’s and don’ts help you to be prepared for backache, pelvic girdle pain and ensure that all aspects are manageable. The special light exercises help you remain flexible, fit and manage your eight during pregnancy.

Nutrition Experts: Prescription of a healthy diet, nutrition and a well balanced intake is essential. The experts provide you with personalized well detailed diet charts balancing your weight and ensuring that the mother & child are healthy.

Yoga Expert: Just as you think of labour pains, the yoga experts train you on breathing exercises that prepare your body and mind for the process. Yoga sessions also help you relive the stress, anxiety and strain associated with pregnancy. The exercise sessions comfort the hips, backbone and the legs.

To know the details of the costing and the registration details contact the hospital coordinator. – 0172-5054441 (Panchkula); 0124-4585555 (Gurgaon)

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