Paras Bliss understands the importance and the complexities of women health. The Department of Gynecology is equipped to address all women-related health issues and is well supported by a team of experienced medical professionals to provide comprehensive care to the woman of today. The department is well equipped and supported by latest diagnostic technology; state of the art operative infrastructure and well developed surgical and post surgery protocols. The Department of Gynecology provides holistic care to address the commonest to the rarest complication- urinary incontinence, adolescent hygiene, pre marital counseling, sexual health counseling, breast and ovarian care and other gynecological issues. Paras Bliss is undoubtedly the best gynaecology centre in Gurgaon and Panchkula.

Paras Bliss with its rich medical expertise, has a hold of the best gynaecologists in Gurgaon and Chandigarh, and is able to provide comprehensive care to the women of all age groups – ranging from 12 yrs of age to old age. The doctors of repute provide exceptional care to guide women life a healthy life. The interventions advised by them range from surgical – Hysterectomy, Pap Smear & Colposcopy, Endometriosis treatment, Cysts and Fibroids treatment, Urinary Incontinence surgery, Prolapse treatment, to medical interventions such as – thyroid, PCOD, premenstrual syndrome treatment along with contraception counseling for family planning.

Apart from other gynaecologist in Chandigarh, gynaecologists at Paras Bliss stresses on the importance of prevention and precaution in women. The Department of Gynecology addresses the same by promoting annual Pap smear and Breast Examination Sessions. The department also has exceptional expertise in handling women with PCOD, infertility and thyroid issues along with providing medical and surgical approaches t address the same.
The Department of Gynaecology, boasts of the best gynaecologists in mohali. Through their expert supervision, the department also provides extensive sexual health counseling to the women and provides HPV Vaccination. The gynecologists are also adept to provide information and management for a range f infections- Urinary Tract Infection, Pelvic Inflammatory Infection, etc.

Endometriosis is a painful disorder under which the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus starts growing outside the uterus. Endometriosis commonly involves ovaries, fallopian tubes and the tissue that lines the pelvis.


Common symptoms of endometriosis include:

Painful periods, Pain with intercourse, Pain with bowel movements or urination, Excessive bleeding in periods, Infertility, Other symptoms like nausea, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or fatigue


The exact cause of endometriosis is not certain, but the possible explanations include:

Retrograde menstruation, Transformation of peritoneal cells, Embryonic cell transformation, Surgical scar implantation, Endometrial cells transport, Immune system disorder

Risk factors

There are a number of factors that can increase your risk of developing endometriosis. These include:

Never having given birth, Early age periods, Menopause at an older age, Short menstrual cycles, High levels of estrogen, Low body mass index, Alcohol consumption, One or more relatives with endometriosis, Medical conditions that prevent normal passage of menstrual flow, Uterine abnormalities


The main complications that may arise in patients suffering from endometriosis are:

Infertility, Ovarian cancer


There are a few tests to check for any physical clues that signal endometriosis. These include:

Pelvic exam, Ultrasound, Laparoscopy


The various treatments for endometriosis usually include either medications or surgery. The choice of treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms as well as your plans regarding pregnancy. Generally, conservative treatments are the first choice and surgery the last resort.

Pain medications, Hormone therapy – This is not a permanent fix as symptoms may return after stopping the treatment

Therapies used to treat endometriosis include: –

Hormonal contraceptives, Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists and antagonists, Progestin therapy, Danazol, Conservative surgery, Assisted reproductive technologie, Hysterectomy

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a condition of emotional, psychological and physical distress and disturbance that occur in women after ovulation and ends with the start of her menstrual flow. Most common symptoms include mood swings, acne, food cravings, tender breasts, bloating, fatigue, depression and irritation. Not every woman may experience PMS but most do and they tend to experience it in a predictable monthly pattern.


The exact reason behind PMS is unknown but doctors believe that it’s related to the interactions between a woman’s sex hormones and brain chemicals (neurotransmitters). Other predictable reasons may be:

Hormonal misbalance and fluctuations, Change in amount of serotonin, a brain chemical responsible for depression and sleep issues., Prevailing undiagnosed depression


There are no specific treatments for PMS but the doctor may analyze the most affecting symptoms and provide a solution specific to that problem. Generally, you may be suggested one of the following:

Change in lifestyle habits like exercising, sleeping or eating patterns, Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for breast discomfort and cramps, Hormonal contraceptives that relieve ovulation, Antidepressants in rare cases

While most women experience light symptoms, for some the symptoms may be severe enough to affect their regular functioning and concentration. This is known as Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) and is time when you should see a gynaecologist.

PCOD or Polycystic Ovarian disease is a health condition in which poly or multiple cysts get formed in the ovaries. Cysts are small sacs filled with fluid. In PCOD, a woman has abnormal levels of hormones that can cause problems with menses and make it difficult to get pregnant. PCOD may also cause unwanted changes to the body making the woman develop masculine features.

If PCOD is not treated, it can lead to serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease.

What causes PCOD?

The exact cause of PCOD is not known, yet it is believed that hormonal imbalances and genetics are the main causes. Women whose mother or sister also has PCOD, have more chances of developing it.

What are the symptoms of PCOD?

The symptoms of PCOD include –

Irregular periods, Oily skin, acne and dandruff, Weight gain and difficulty in losing weight, Hair thinning, Excessive hair growth on the face, chest, back, Infertility and miscarriage, Depression, High blood pressure, Diabetes


How is PCOD diagnosed?

There is no specific test to diagnose PCOD. However, to diagnose the condition the doctor will evaluate the patient’s medical history and symptoms and also perform tests to eliminate other possible conditions.

Tests that can be performed to diagnose PCOD include –

Physical and pelvic examination can also be done to look for signs such as swollen ovaries or a swollen clitoris, Blood tests are done to measure whether the hormone levels are balanced, Thyroid function tests to check the thyroid hormone levels, Fasting glucose tests to measure sugar levels in blood, Excessive hair growth on the face, chest, back, Lipid level tests to check cholesterol in blood, Vaginal ultrasound

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Those with genital warts should get their HPV DNA test done to find out if they are suffering from high risk human papilloma virus infection. Regular check up and screening must be done for other STD’s and their partners should also be tested for HPV to check presence of high risk HPV. Appropriate follow-up is accordingly planned.

HPV test is recommended for women above 30 on regular basis along with their PAP Smear test. However in women who have started their sexual life early and with multiple sexual partners, the test should be done at an earlier age. Women with genital warts or with partners having genital warts should also get this test done.

Human Papilloma Virus is the name of a group of viruses that affect the skin and the moist membranes lining our body ie the cervix, anus, mouth and throat. HPV is highly contagious and there are more than a 100 types, out of which 40 types can affect the genital area. At times it presents in the form of warts over the skin. It is one of the most important causes of cervical cancer as well.

Vaginal infection typically presents with excessive discharge, itching and discomfort in vulvovaginal area. The discharge generally has peculiar odor, there is pain in lower abdomen and during intercourse, pain might or might not be one of the complaints. A Gynae check up is definitely needed and treatment would be required. Urinary tract infection generally presents with burning during urination & frequent urination. It’s best to avoid self medication and consult your doctor and get a urine culture.

Vaginal bleeding and spotting after menopause may be a sign of serious disorder and you must fix up an appointment and visit your doctor as soon as possible. But first, what is menopause? If you have gone without a period for more than one year, you have completed menopause and any bleeding after that is post menopausal bleeding and needs evaluation.

If your menstrual flow is heavy, its best to wait till bleeding stops because menstrual bleed can obscure the visibility of cervical cells collected in the sample and will lead to inaccurate result but if there is only spotting, you could go too for the test. If you are using vaginal pessaries for any reason, complete the course and then go for PAP Smear test.

PAP Smear test is a screening test to collect and microscopically examine cells taken from cervix (the lower part of uterus). Cervix forms a canal and opens in the vagina. The procedure involves placement of spectrum in the vagina and collecting the cells with a small plastic brush. It is a pain free test and is absolutely safe (except for those with intact hymen.)

In our current digital life style, with availibility of so many apps to remind us about our daily schedule, missing your birth control pills is not really a frequent occurrence but if it ever happens, take the pill as soon as you remember and continue taking the same strip(no need to start a new pack). But you must also use an alternate method of contraception (along with) for that particular month till you get your periods and if there is undue delay, consult your gynaecologist as soon as possible.

The standard age to get your first mammogram is 40 years of age, in the absence of any breast related complain. If there is breast cancer, in first degree relatives, then mammogram should be done earlier. Breast self examination is an option for women between their 20’s and 30’ and they should also go for periodic clinical breast examination. Current trend is to do sono mammography i.e. ultrasound of both breasts and if indicated, mammogram is taken. This alone is not an indicator of breast cancer risk – family history, lactation history and medications are also taken into account while recommending mammogram.

American Association of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, recommends first OBG exam between age 13 to 15, but in India in the absence of any menstrual or hormonal problem, first gynae check up need not be as early. We recommend first PAP smear at the age of 21 and then every 3-5 year. The best time to go for first gynaecological check up would be when you are about to become sexually active.


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    • All housekeeping staff
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    I am very much happy with all services you provided. All staff members are very much supportive. We like their kind behaviour. Thank you to all of you for your kind service.

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    Mrs Nicky Sandhu


    Over all experience in the hospital before, during and after delivery was great. Staff has cooperated very well. Right from nurses to housekeeping behaviour was great and they treated the mother and child like family. Last but not least infact above all “hat’s off to Dr. Shilva” and special thanks to Dr. Krishan and all doctors involved in the process.


  • Dr Beena Singh & Dr. Awnindra Singh

    Dear Team Paras Bliss, We don’t have words to express our gratitude but thanks a ton for making one of the most precious moments of our lives so beautiful and memorable.

    -Lots of love, Dr. Awnindra, Dr Beena and Omisha”

    Dr Beena Singh & Dr. Awnindra Singh

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    Neat and clean hospital with satisfactory treatment for my patient and baby. I really appreciate team of doctors, anesthetists, support teams and other related people for tackling critical case of my wife. Highly recommended if you are looking for better and high quality services for your baby and wife.

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    My baby was a low weight & needed special attention so baby was brought to Paras Bliss Hospital under the care of Dr. Krishan Yadav and from the day I felt comfortable to leave the baby in hospital under his care. Initially my family members worried about the baby but very happy to see the care given to baby during his stay at Paras Bliss Hospital.

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    I came here in an emergency. The hospital staff was quiet helpful. All the nurses especially Ms. Ritu, (OT nurse) helped me to settle down. Everything went fine. I am totally satisfied by the services. Glad I choose Paras Bliss. Thanks for the help and support.

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    We were fortunate to have our baby delivered at Paras Bliss, Gurgaon. The entire process was seamless and we met with thorough professionals, who tend to us with utmost warmth and care. The staff went out of the way to make our stay comfortable. The staff was methodical in the approach and I wish them good luck for future.

    MS. Charu Sethi & Mr. Kunal Sethi

  • Dr. Jasmeet Babbar & Dr. Gaurish Babbar – Dr. Shilva

    Really nice & favourable environment in this wonderful institute. The best guidance was provided to me by the labour room staff. The training given during the antenatal class also proved to be of great help. Thanks to all.

    Dr. Jasmeet Babbar & Dr. Gaurish Babbar – Dr. Shilva

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    My experience with Paras Bliss is fabulous. Everything is so perfect and excellent. The entire staff is so supportive. Doctors are really excellent here. I would like to recommend Paras Bliss to everyone.

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