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Labor pain is a significant cause of worry and apprehension in expecting mothers. Also the pain sensitivity differs in every individual. With modern technology, now soon to be mothers can opt for a Painless normal Delivery and be an active participant in the delivery process. Painless Delivery is also a way to give birth naturally.

At Paras Bliss a caesarean hospital delivery is only recommended in high risk pregnancy cases. Each expecting mother and her family are educated on the risks, benefits of opting for an epidural assisted – painless delivery. The option of delivering on an epidural is a medically approved and safe method. Paras Bliss has a team of obstetricians and anesthetists who provide you the best medical expertise to assist you in your journey of delivering your bundle of joy.

The biggest fear of every to be mother is labour pain. At Paras Bliss every expecting mother is explained the benefits of opting for Epidural Assisted – Painless Delivery. It is a simple procedure in which a small injection is placed in the lower back, which is connected to a small tube – epidural catheter. Through the catheter, drugs are passed to provide the mother a painless delivery process. The amount of dosage as per the pain sensitivity of an individual can be adjusted by the mother in labour or by the assisting doctor. The benefits of Epidural Assisted – Painless Normal Delivery are:

  • An Epidural is the best method and safest option for pain relief.
  • Epidural helps a mother in labour relax, rest, regain focus and act as a major participant in the delivery process.
  • It is a safe procedure and so is the anesthesia used. This is because if you opt for a caesarean delivery, the same anesthesia is administered.
  • An epidural assists the coping mechanism, as a woman in labour may be irritable, exhausted and fatigued. An epidural assisted – painless delivery calms the mother in labour.

Epidural anesthesia is an epidural administration technique in which an anesthetic is injected into the epidural space of the spinal cord. This method is popularly brought into use to achieve painless childbirth owing to it being a rapid pain reliever. Applying this injection saves the mother from the labor pain though the pressure is existent. Epidural injection provides relief by blocking the nerve impulses from the lower segment.

Application – The person who administers an epidural anesthetic is an anesthesiologist, an obstetrician or a nurse anesthetist. The application process begins by wiping the area (the waist) where the injection is to be given with an antiseptic solution, followed by the application of a local anesthetic to numb the area. A needle is then inserted into the numbed region and a catheter is edged through it. The needle is gently removed leaving the catheter in place which is taped to the back. It is through the catheter that epidural anesthesia gets injected.

Why is it used?

  • They are less risky in comparison to general anesthesia
  • Helps ease during the delivery as the pain is otherwise too much
  • Patients quickly regain their senses
  • Helps stay awake in during cesarean delivery while relieving pain
  • Causes decreased hyperventilation of the mother along with increased supply of oxygen to the baby


  • The following are the risks associated with epidural anesthesia-
  • A decrease in heart rate and blood pressure
  • Difficulty in urination
  • Paralysis of the intercostal muscle and diaphragm
  • Neurological injury
  • Epidural hematoma
  • Dural puncture by accident followed by headache
  • Misplaced catheter
  • Paraplegia

Although motherhood is one of the most awaited events in a woman life, the thoughts of immense pain that accompany the delivery process what keeps an expecting mother on the edge. This is more obvious in case of the first time mothers who might have a lot of anxiousness and queries. For women who find it difficult to bear pain or cope with prolonged pain, a pain less delivery can come in as a great help.

What is it?

Painless delivery is a technique which involves the administration of epidural analgesia to a woman in labor in order to attain a pain free delivery. This kind of delivery is carried out with the help of an anesthetist, alongside the gynecologist and other surgeons. The pain less delivery method does not require the woman to go unconscious; she can stay fully awake while only the pain and stress resulting from contractions is minimized or removed.

How is it brought about?

A pain less delivery technique is brought about by the use of an epidural anesthesia. This anesthesia is delivered to the woman through injection into the epidural space of the spinal cord. This injection is passed in the waist line of the mid-lower back through a catheter. The epidural anesthesia blocks the nerve impulses in the lower back thus numbing the area. This causes the labor to be painless though the pressure is still felt. The effect as well as its side-effects depends on the dosage of the medication injected.

Why go for it?

  • Reasons to consider pain less delivery are –
  • Eases up the stress and pain during labor
  • Allows the mother to stay awake during childbirth
  • Quick recovery
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Opting for a pain less delivery is entirely a couples choice. Epidural anesthesia allows mother to have vaginal delivery without the fear of pain. Most women prefer to opt for painless delivery. The decision can also be taken when the lady goes into labour. As soon as the decision is taken, the procedure to induce the epidural takes not more than half an hour. It takes just 15 minutes to act and reduce your pain.


The advantages of epidural anesthesia include almost complete relief from labour pain, in a conscious, oriented and mobile patient. It reduces anxiety and irritability caused due to labour pain as a result of which patient cooperation during labour and delivery is better. Hence the choice of epidural makes the mother an active participant in the labour process. It also makes it easier to carry out instrumental delivery and stitch the episiotomy in a painless manner. Epidural also helps you deal with exhaustion, irritability and fatigue.

Opting for painless delivery marginally increases the cost in comparison to vaginal delivery, but the benefits and comfort outweigh the increase in cost. This is a procedure that is highlighly recommended for patients :

  • Who have a long , complicated and painful labour
  • Who are trying for a vaginal birth post a caesarean delivery
  • Who have preexisting medical conditions like hypertension, heart disease.

Epidural anesthesia is over all safe. It is a approved method accredited by reputed obstetrics and gynecologists. However the common side effects include failure of the procedure to give pain relief, low blood pressure and headache. Your anesthetist shall be able to provide more information and advice about the complications and risks before deciding on epidural. Epidural is recommended for patients:

  • Who have a long , complicated and painful labour
  • Who are trying for a vaginal birth post a caesarean delivery
  • Who have preexisting medical conditions like hypertension, heart disease.

However it should not be opted by patients:

  • Who have a bleeding disorder
  • Who have a neurological disorder
  • Who have had a lower back surgery
  • Who are taking medication that can affect the blood clotting

It has been understood that labour pain is the intense during birthing and the intensity of pain and the sensitivity differs from person to person. Modern medicine has now come up with a method through which omen can become an active participant during birthing and helps women relive pain during labour. Just like any operation, the same also involves the use anesthesia- Epidural anesthesia. This allows mothers to have a pain less delivery in a natural way. It involves placement of a very fine tube through an injection in the lower back. Drug can be injected at regular intervals through this arrangement. The mother who is in labor can be made to feel comfortable, thereby giving her the experience of a pain less delivery. Epidural also helps you deal with exhaustion, irritability and fatigue.


  • Mrs. Sapna

    Has excellent experience and home like stay. Very cooperative staff nurses. Everyone including doctors, sisters & housekeeping staff provides their precious services. Unforgettable moments of my life. Special thanks to Dr. Ruchi, Dr. Sonia, Kritika, Rekha, Pooja & Monica. Thanks for giving Gem of my life.

    Mrs. Sapna

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    I am very impressed with all the facilities given by the hospital. All the doctors, nursing staff and housekeeping is also good. I would recommend this to my other family members.

    Mrs. Nisha Rathore

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    Overall I am pleased with the services. Appreciate the efforts and dedication of overall staff. Would like to highlight certain names below for their exceptional services towards the patient, relatives and the infant.

    • Shrishti
    • Rajni Thakur
    • Mridula
    • All housekeeping staff
    Mrs. Divya Kaushal

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    Hospital administrator and staff is very good. My experience with Miss Rajni and Ms. Monica is very satisfied. They both take care of me in good manner.

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    Nurses and staff is very co-operative and adjustable and caring. Doctors are very caring and concerned and track patients with all smiles. Overall experience is awesome and very good.

    Mrs. Shally S. Kumar

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    I am very much happy with all services you provided. All staff members are very much supportive. We like their kind behaviour. Thank you to all of you for your kind service.

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    Just wanna say, big thanks to each and everyone, doctors and their staff. Brought my baby here in a worse condition, but they made us feel so comfortable and such a polite behavior. Treated the kid, like their own child. Thanks each and everyone.

    Mrs Nicky Sandhu


    Over all experience in the hospital before, during and after delivery was great. Staff has cooperated very well. Right from nurses to housekeeping behaviour was great and they treated the mother and child like family. Last but not least infact above all “hat’s off to Dr. Shilva” and special thanks to Dr. Krishan and all doctors involved in the process.


  • Dr Beena Singh & Dr. Awnindra Singh

    Dear Team Paras Bliss, We don’t have words to express our gratitude but thanks a ton for making one of the most precious moments of our lives so beautiful and memorable.

    -Lots of love, Dr. Awnindra, Dr Beena and Omisha”

    Dr Beena Singh & Dr. Awnindra Singh

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    Dear Team Paras Bliss, Thank you for a blissful experience. God Bless.

    -Inderjeet, Gaganpreet and Ranbir”

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  • Ms. Samreen & Mr. Mohammad Arshad

    Neat and clean hospital with satisfactory treatment for my patient and baby. I really appreciate team of doctors, anesthetists, support teams and other related people for tackling critical case of my wife. Highly recommended if you are looking for better and high quality services for your baby and wife.

    Ms. Samreen & Mr. Mohammad Arshad

  • Monika Kesar

    Experience with everyone in the hospital was awesome. I want to convey my best wishes and thanks to everyone involved (Staff), for making it a lifetime experience. Having a baby itself is an experience for life but, the kind of support and care I got from hospital was exceptional!

    Monika Kesar

  • Mr. Vimal Bhola

    My baby was a low weight & needed special attention so baby was brought to Paras Bliss Hospital under the care of Dr. Krishan Yadav and from the day I felt comfortable to leave the baby in hospital under his care. Initially my family members worried about the baby but very happy to see the care given to baby during his stay at Paras Bliss Hospital.

    Mr. Vimal Bhola

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    Hospital is clean and staff behaviour is excellent. Nursing staff is highly cooperative. Doctors , Hospital Facilities in the hospital are exceptional.

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    Facilities in the hospital are really good. The hospital had excellent cleanliness. We are grateful to the doctors and staff for the constant support and information given to us time to time. This hospital has fulfilled our expectations to the fullest.

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    “We are really happy with the care we have received. It was just a home away from home.”

    Thank you PARAS for such an exceptional experience and genuine care!

    Ambika and Madhur

  • Ms Shweta Gaur & Mr. Sandeep Sharma

    I came here in an emergency. The hospital staff was quiet helpful. All the nurses especially Ms. Ritu, (OT nurse) helped me to settle down. Everything went fine. I am totally satisfied by the services. Glad I choose Paras Bliss. Thanks for the help and support.

    Ms Shweta Gaur & Mr. Sandeep Sharma

  • MS. Charu Sethi & Mr. Kunal Sethi

    We were fortunate to have our baby delivered at Paras Bliss, Gurgaon. The entire process was seamless and we met with thorough professionals, who tend to us with utmost warmth and care. The staff went out of the way to make our stay comfortable. The staff was methodical in the approach and I wish them good luck for future.

    MS. Charu Sethi & Mr. Kunal Sethi

  • Dr. Jasmeet Babbar & Dr. Gaurish Babbar – Dr. Shilva

    Really nice & favourable environment in this wonderful institute. The best guidance was provided to me by the labour room staff. The training given during the antenatal class also proved to be of great help. Thanks to all.

    Dr. Jasmeet Babbar & Dr. Gaurish Babbar – Dr. Shilva

  • Ms. Suneeta Kashyap & Mr. Anil Kumar – Dr. Shilva

    My experience with Paras Bliss is fabulous. Everything is so perfect and excellent. The entire staff is so supportive. Doctors are really excellent here. I would like to recommend Paras Bliss to everyone.

    Ms. Suneeta Kashyap & Mr. Anil Kumar – Dr. Shilva

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    Paras Bliss made my journey of motherhood a joyful. I appreciate the care and concern showed by doctors and nurses. I really treasure the overall services that are provided by hospital that has made my experience wonderful.

    Ms. Pooja Sarsar & Mr. Naveen Kumar

  • Mrs. Pooja Rai

    We like the facility given by the Paras Bliss Hospital and I like all the staff so much but one of the best staff member who was very supporting and very hard working as per my point of view is Vandana as she is very caring lady.

    Mrs. Pooja Rai

  • Tek Chand

    Doctors and staff are very cooperative and helpful

    Tek Chand

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    Outstanding services and hospitality. Dr Manoj Sharma has given a very good medical reference and treatment . We are very satisfied with overall performance.

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