Paras Bliss Hospital’s Paediatric Surgery Team Saves Life of a Premature Baby Boy

Paras Bliss Hospital’s Paediatric Surgery Team Saves Life of a Premature Baby Boy

Doctors at Paras Bliss Hospital, save, baby born at full term Survives all odds and becomes the first such baby of the Tricity (Antenatally diagnosed surgical malformations CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia)

Panchkula, May 26, 2018: In one of the first of its kind surgery in Panchkula, conducted at Paras Bliss Hospital in MDC here, a new born baby boy with several complications was saved and sent home hale and hearty on the ninth day. The baby who was born full term and had developed complications thus impacting the functioning of lungs and heart.

The baby was born in government set up but due to non availability of ventilator and antenatally diagnosed surgical condition and need for immediate surgical intervention, baby was shifted to Paras Bliss Hospital at two hours of life. Diagnosis of CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia) was confirmed immediately on CXR and started on ventilator support says Dr SorabhGoel, Consultant Neonatology at Paras Bliss Hospital.

It is very essential that these babies do not receive bag and mask ventilator after birth as this can worsen respiratory problem and be given bag and tube ventilation from beginning. Dr. K L Rao, Director – Paediatric Surgery at Paras Bliss Hospital says fortunately baby was shifted on ventilator at four hours of life and after vital stabilization CHD surgery was done at 16 hours of life.

Further Dr. K L Rao, Director – Paediatric Surgery at Paras Bliss Hospital, adds that the baby having antenatally was diagnosed with congenital diaphragmatic hernia on left side. Diaphragmatic hernia is a birth defect in which there is an abnormal opening in diaphragm. The diaphragm is the muscle between the chest and abdomen that helps in breathing and it separates the contents of chest and abdomen. A defect in it may lead to herniation of abdominal contents to chest and impairs breathing.

“As we received baby at four hours of life with respiratory distress, we put him on ventilator and baseline investigation with a chest X-ray was obtained. Paediatric surgery consultation was taken and baby was recommended surgery”, he said.

According to Dr SorabhGoel, Consultant Neonatology at Paras Bliss Hospital, other associated major congenital defects were ruled out. During operation whole stomach, part of intestines, parts of liver and whole spleen were found to be herniated in chest which was compressing lungs and heart. All these viscera were shifted back in abdomen and the defects was closed, and baby was shifted back in NICU on ventilator.

After three days baby was weaned from ventilator and minimal feeds were started, which was gradually increased depending on the tolerance of the bay. By eighth day, baby was on full feeds, without any oxygen support with stable vitals. Started on breastfeeds, the baby was discharged on the ninth day.His parents hail from district Barnala in Punjab.

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