Paras Bliss Hospital conducts dental check-up camp at Sky World School

Paras Bliss Hospital conducts dental check-up camp at Sky World School

Panchkula, August 5, 2018: With an aim to keep a check on the health standards of children and encourage parents to adopt regular health check-ups, Paras Bliss Hospital, Panchkula is organizing a three-day dental check camp at The Sky World School, Sector 21 here.

Dr. Anshu Jindal, Sr. Consultant- Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry conducted the camp. A health talk was delivered on vector borne diseases by Dr Ashish Arora, Consultant Internal Medicine.

The health camp covered dental check for all children of the school free of cost. Notably, a comprehensive dental check up examination at school premises not only helps identify hitherto undetected dental problems in children but also saves students’ time and ensures that it does not interrupt their studies.

Dr Anshu Jindal, Sr. Consultant- Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry, Paras Bliss Hospital says there are number of problems that affect the oral health of children which includes thumb sucking, tooth decay, tongue thrusting, lip sucking and early tooth loss. Teaching your children to brush and floss regularly can help to go a long way to prevent many kinds of dental problems. But sometimes despite maintaining good oral hygiene, your pre-schoolers kid can develop teeth problem.

He said vectors are living organisms that can transmit infectious diseases between humans or from animals to humans. Vector borne disease are human illness which is caused by viruses, parasites and bacteria which are transmitted by mosquitoes, blackflies, ticks, tsetse flies, mites, snails, sandflies and triatomine bugs. Most of these vectors are blood sucking insects which ingest disease producing microorganisms during a blood sucking from and infected host and later inject into host during blood sucking. In order to prevent vector borne diseases children needs to protect themselves from bites of mosquitoes, mites and ticks that help then to prevent proliferation said, Dr Ashish Arora, Consultant Internal Medicine, Paras Bliss Hospital.

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