Paras Bliss, Panchukula Brings Together Fetal Medicine Experts to Discuss Importance of Pre Natal Diagnosis, Nutrition & Treatment

Paras Bliss, Panchukula Brings Together Fetal Medicine Experts to Discuss Importance of Pre Natal Diagnosis, Nutrition & Treatment

Pre Natal Diagnosis

With radical improvements in fetal diagnostic techniques, it is now possible to follow and examine the development of babies inside their mothers’ wombs and identify anomalies much before birth. Paras Bliss, Panchkula today brought together experts from the Tricity to discuss the importance of this branch of medicine in reducing congenital problems and improving neo-natal and maternal health.

Paras Bliss is the first hospital in Tricity to have a dedicated department of Fetal Medicine with specialized experts in the field of fetal diagnostics and treatment.

At a health conference titled ‘Inutero to Exutero’, doctors and experts from different hospitals of the Tricity gathered together today to discuss the specialty of Fetal Medicine and benefits it brings to pre-natal and neo-natal care.

Fetal medicine is a relatively new specialized branch in medicine that deals with assessment of fetal growth and development; timely diagnosis of congenital abnormalities, if any, and treating the same. In short, fetal medicine addresses the health concerns of an ‘unborn patient’ to make sure he/she comes out into the world in his/her best health. The specialty involves the working together of multiple experts, including obstetricians, perinatologists, neonatologists, pediatric cardiologists, geneticists, among others.

Dr Dharminder Nagar, Managing Director of Paras Healthcare spoke on the occasion about the importance of specialized neo-natal care and fetal medicine.

“The special branching of this specialization has been made possible due to improved prenatal diagnosis which has increased our capability to diagnose problems before birth. Conditions like Down’s syndrome, structural heart defects can today be diagnosed in unborn fetuses, allowing early intervention and informed decisions for parents. At Paras Bliss, we are making sure that the best pre natal diagnostic facilities are available as also medical intervention to treat anomalies, if any,” said Dr Nagar.

Dr Nupur Shah, Consultant, Fetal Medicine spoke on the subject of Nuchal Transparency Scans and their utility; Dr Krishan Yadav, HOD & Consultant Neonatology spoke about the importance of having dedicated Mother & Child Care facilities and discussed the facilities available at NICU at Paras Bliss. Dr Madhu Sharma, Senior Dietician at PGIMER put spotlight on the importance of propagating right infant feeding practices.

Pre Natal Diagnosis
Pre Natal Diagnosis

Prominent doctors of the Tricity – Panchkula, Mohali and Chandigarh attended the CME Session.

Dr Nupur Shah also highlighted that “Expecting mothers are actually worried about the health of the baby in the womb. Fetal Medicine is the best tool to know if the baby is right and healthy. It is the best non invasive method through which the any defects or abnormnalities in the baby can be detected. Women should opt for the ultrasound after 11-13 weeks to be sure.”

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