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Paras Bliss Silences Social Stigma around Body Image with Expecting Mothers Flaunting Their Baby Bumps

Paras Bliss Silences Social Stigma around Body Image with Expecting Mothers Flaunting Their Baby Bumps

  • Paras Bliss Panchukla is encouraging expecting mothers to upload pictures of their baby bumps on social media.
  • Pregnant women in India are caught in the maze of traditions and mask their baby bumps to “look appropriate”.
  • Doctors at Paras Bliss are asking these expecting mothers to celebrate the essence of life through motherhood.

Panchkula Dec 16, 2017: Sharon is a modern Indian woman. But after she surpassed the 7th month of her pregnancy, her baby bump was evidently visible. Unknowingly giving in to social stigmas, she lessened the time spent in her office. But when she visited Paras Bliss and casually mentioned that she had stopped going to her office because she was due, Doctors at Paras Bliss encouraged her to participate in their unique campaign.

Paras Bliss Panchkula hospitals, a mother and child care specialty hospital are shedding stigma around motherhood with one photo at a time. Motherhood is the joyous celebration of life. When expecting mothers are surrounded by the stereotypes and does and don’ts that the society offers, they are asked to mask the symbol that there is life blossoming inside them. Pregnancy is a moment of celebration and hospitals like Paras Bliss are encouraging pregnant mothers to showcase their baby bump proudly at their social media platform.

Dr. Shilva, Senior Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology says “We surround our women with multiple stigmas. But we at Paras Bliss aim to make the expectant mothers as comfortable as possible. This photo contest has been encouraged by our hospital so that mothers have the right to choose how they want their baby bump to appear. Many of my patients are embarrassed about the visible baby bump. We should celebrate and flaunt our ability to bring life into this world! There is no need for shame. A mother who is at ease mentally would also bear a healthy child.”

There is a growing trend of women around the world celebrating their motherhood through photo shoots. Initiated by celebrities, these photo shoots have gained momentum and increasing number of mothers thus the trend of maternity photo shoot. The picture contest at Paras Bliss began on 4th December under the tagline of “Baby Bump Counts” and “More For Motherhood”. Once a woman is pregnant, no amount of oversized maxis or kurtis would hide the life growing inside you. While some women do it out of comfort, some fall prey to the prevailing social stigma around pregnancy.

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