Paras Healthcare Launches Delhi Centre Dedicated to Mother and Baby

Paras Healthcare Launches Delhi Centre Dedicated to Mother and Baby

Paras Healthcare
  • The centre will offer specialized care programs that are unique and formulated for expecting and new mothers
  • The centre is equipped with a level III NICU with neonatologists of national and international repute

Expanding its chain of mother-and-child hospitals, Paras Healthcare Group today launched its Delhi centre, Paras Bliss Hospital. The centre is designed to offer specialized care programs that are unique and formulated to aid expecting and new mothers.

Previously known as Paras Spring Meadows, the centre has garnered a reputation for offering tertiary care hospital facilities of all kinds, including general surgery, joint transplants, psychiatry, non-interventional cardiology, apart from mother and child facility care.

With this launch, the facility will offer services and facilities specializing in mother and childcare. The facility has roped in reputed gynecologists, obstetricians, super-specializations within each (such as fertility specialists), as well as neonatologists. The mother and baby will be taken care of from pre-conception to post-delivery.

“The launch is not just about an expansion of our chain of Paras Bliss Hospitals and their dedication to the mother-and-child vertical. It is about affordable specialized care that every family should have access to when they experience what is the most important aspect of life. This is important from a societal perspective as well, because a healthy birthing experience will establish a strong and healthy future,” says Dr Dharminder Nagar, Managing Director and CEO, Paras Healthcare Group.

The boutique birthing outfit us specially designed to understand the needs, challenges, and requirements of motherhood. “We, at the centre, believe that motherhood is not just about delivering a child but an experience and a journey, which can be enriched and augmented at each step by providing specialized care. The task of making this journey special begins the moment a woman comes to the hospital for pre-pregnancy counselling and is heightened when she discovers her pregnancy and finally has her baby. Therefore, it is important to have a dedicated hospital that is designed to cater to the holistic needs of a woman and her child, both before and after birth,” said Dr Seema Vig, Centre Head, Paras Bliss Hospital, New Delhi.

The hospital also has a specialized level III neonatal ICU. The department has neonatologists of national and international repute to provide specialized care for preterm and precious deliveries. Chiefly designed to take care of the newborns who have medical complications, or babies who have been born prematurely, the department is equipped to offer advanced care for premature, low birth-weight and critically ill infants.

“We acknowledge that pregnancy is associated with the risk of complication at every stage. Often, complications lead to premature childbirth. While every newborn needs attentive care, the level of care increases in case of a premature birth. In such cases, the newborn needs specialized care. We are able to do this because of the technology and apparatus our NICU is equipped with, and also the skills our doctors and nurses have. The NICU teams are specially qualified to provide these services,” added Dr Sanjay Tandon, HOD Neonatology, Paras Bliss – New Delhi.

Paras Bliss is committed to patient care, and with this venture, hopes to make a difference to the health of society at the very beginning of life itself, ensuring the best possible birthing outcomes.

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