Mother’s Day activity in association with the Panchkula ladies club at Paras Bliss, Panchkula

Mother’s Day activity in association with the Panchkula ladies club at Paras Bliss, Panchkula

A fun filled activity with a very important message for the expecting mothers was conducted at Paras Bliss Hospital, Panchkula in association with the Panchkula ladies club on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

We all know that mothers are very important for any household and they are like the axis of the house around which the whole house revolves. They are very delicate but can turn into fierce women when it comes to the health and welfare of their children right before conception, fetal life, infancy and at any stage of their children. They neglect their health and so we have to take care of their health and educate them so that they stay strong and healthy always.

The message which we tried to convey was the importance of nutrition in women from before conception and during pregnancy. Many people don’t know that before conceiving also the women should have healthy diet. They should refrain from junk food, fried food, soft drinks, sugary things and food with preservatives. They should have healthy food such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, eggs, dairy products, colored vegetables which have lots of antioxidants.

Smoking and alcohol are totally banned during pregnancy. If during pregnancy they take unhealthy food then the unborn child may land up in many problems such as abortion, mental and physical retardation, preterm delivery, growth problems etc.

It was done in a manner of small play to give audio visual advantage and better understanding of the importance of nutrition, lifestyle and a well disciplined life during pregnancy so that a healthy mother creates healthy babies who turn into responsible citizens of a better world tomorrow.

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