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28 yrs old woman treated for Ovarian cancer through stage wise surgery – Conceives through IVF and delivers 2.9 kg baby boy at Paras Bliss, New Delhi

28 yrs old woman treated for Ovarian cancer through stage wise surgery – Conceives through IVF and delivers 2.9 kg baby boy at Paras Bliss, New Delhi

Sharmila Varshney successfully delivered a 2.9 kg healthy baby boy post seeking treatment for ovarian cancer through surgery and chemotherapy at Paras Bliss Hospital, New Delhi – Specialised Mother & Child Care Centre. The path breaking medical feat was performed stage wise over a time period of two years through selective medical planning and expertise. All procedures were performed under the guidance of Dr. Shelly Singh, Sr Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology, Paras Bliss – New Delhi.

About two years back, Sharmila had come to the hospital complaining of severe abdominal pain. An ultrasound highlighted the presence of ascites – the accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity, causing abdominal swelling. Further medical examination revealed masses in both ovaries. An MRI confirmed ovarian cancer that was at present localized only in the ovary and had not spread to other parts of the pelvis. The basic and recommended treatment plan included the removal of the uterus, making it impossible for Sharmila to bear children in future.

The decision was difficult and the couple requested Dr. Shelly to come up with a solution that could help her retain her child bearing as a patriarchal society in Haryana would not accept her otherwise. It was a question of saving her marital life.

Dr. Shelly consulted various onco surgeons and medical literature to suggest a medical protocol through which the uterus could be preserved in the earlier stages of ovarian cancer. However, the aspect of experimentation and risk was well discussed with the family. Sharmila and her husband decided to take the same forward and give their best to ensure that she is able to conceive in the future.

Dr. Shelly and her team of specialists performed a biopsy of the uterine endometrium to rule out cancer in the uterus and proceeded with a staging operation which involved removal of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, omentum and the paraortic lymph nodes. The biopsies were taken at the time of the surgery suggested stage 1C ovarian cancer, giving more hope to Dr. Shelly, her medical team and to Sharmila and her husband. The surgical treatment was complemented with 6 cycles of chemotherapy. The end result was the preservation of the uterus and the removal of ovarian cancer. Sharmila’s follow up results showed no new cancer cells or remnant cells, making her ready for an Invitro-Fertilisation Cycle (IVF).

After the first IVF Cycle only, Sharmila conceived. The exceptional medical planning paid off and Dr. Shelly succeeded in ensuring that the best medical outcome and choice be provided to her patient. After 9 months, Sharmila delivered a healthy 2.9 kg baby boy through a Caesarean Section (C-Section).  Today her family is complete and she is indebted to Dr. Shelly for the same.

Sharmila shares emotionally, “When we thought that fate had closed all doors to us, Dr. Shelly came to our lives like an angel. She not only treated me for cancer but gave me the support and confidence that even my close family members could not. Planning a medical treatment for 2 years and successfully delivering the same takes planning, acumen and patience. Dr. Shelly has truly been a guiding light for me. I wish her all the success and thank her for all her efforts. We owe our happiness to her.”

Dr. Shelly shares, “Ovarian cancer is the third leading site of cancer amongst Indian women. It is treatable cancer and only needs early detection and timely treatment. Ovarian cancer often goes undetected until it has spread within the pelvis and Abdomen. At this late stage, ovarian cancer is more difficult to treat and can be fatal. Ovarian cancer often has no symptoms in the early stages. Later stages are associated with symptoms, but they can be non-specific, such as loss of appetite and weight loss. Surgery and chemotherapy are generally used to treat ovarian cancer. Women in menopause are most at risk to develop ovarian cancer, however, it can occur in younger women too. If you feel any abnormality in your body, it is best advised that you consult a specialist at the earliest. Please note any delay or neglect can complicate your health issues further.”

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