3 month yr old baby treated for Bronchogenic cyst successfully by leading pediatric surgeon of the Tricity – Dr KLN Rao at Paras Bliss Hospital, Panchkula

3 month yr old baby treated for Bronchogenic cyst successfully by leading pediatric surgeon of the Tricity – Dr KLN Rao at Paras Bliss Hospital, Panchkula

Leading pediatric surgeon of the Tricity and former Director and HOD at PGI Chandigarh, successfully performed a surgery on a 3 month old baby to excise a bronchogenic cyst from his lungs. Bronchogenic cysts are congenital malformations of the bronchial tree and if the same is not treated effectively, the same can complicate to bronchial obstruction leading to air trapping and respiratory distress. Moreover these bronchogenic cysts can also become infected causing mortality and chronic respiratory complications.

During Mrs Banita Sharma’s 16-18 week of pregnancy, her baby was diagnosed with a congenital birth anomaly. This anomaly was detected through a routine ultrasound and the doctors shared the presence of a cystic swelling of about 1 cm in the baby’s chest. Since the swelling was not causing any compression of surrounding structures and the baby had not accumulated any water in the body (hydrops), Mrs Banita was advised to continue with the pregnancy. It was planned that post birth, the baby would be treated for the defect.

Taking the situation of the baby into consideration Mrs Banita decided to consult Dr KLN Rao. She shares, “Dr Rao was the most recommended doctor for treating our baby. We were certain that a complication would arise any time and we didn’t want to start the process of finding a super specialist that late. From the first month only, we started to consult Dr Rao to ensure that timely treatment is provided to our baby.”

When the baby turned three months old, Dr KLN Rao asked the parents to get a CT Scan done. The scan revealed a Bronchogenic cyst in the posterior mediastinum of 21 x 18 x 18 mm size.

Dr KLN Rao shares, “Bronchogenic cysts form as a result of abnormal budding of the bronchial tree during embryogenesis- that is when the baby is in the womb. These cysts have walls made up of tissues similar to that of the normal bronchial tree, including cartilage, elastic tissues, mucous glands and smooth muscle. They do not usually communicate with the bronchial tree, and are therefore typically not air filled. Rather, they contain fluid (water), variable amounts of proteinaceous material, blood products, and calcium oxalate. These cysts may or become malignant with time and cause disruption in the airflow, hence surgical intervention is the best.”

He also adds, “Cystic swellings in the chest or abdomen, kidney or other swellings are frequently diagnosed in utero (in womb). Appropriate counselling at that stage reduces the anxiety of the parents about their baby. Although in some diseases, antenatal intervention is possible, in majority, the defect can be taken care of, after the birth of baby at an appropriate time. In very serious anomalies which are not compatible with life or severe disability is likely to result, termination of pregnancy may be recommended. Since the baby was so young we had to take extra care during the surgery, however the age component also is an advantage as the baby would be able to heal fast.”

The surgery was performed well and the baby was successfully discharged post 7 days of the surgery. On the success of the surgery, Mrs Banita shares, “From the day that my baby was detected with the defect till the day my baby was successfully discharged from the hospital, I was really anxious. However my husband was very confident about Dr Rao’s medical expertise and was certain that our child will pull through. I am indebted to him for life, he has indeed saved my bundle of joy. May parents looking for pediatric surgeons get the right treatment, may all get doctors like Dr Rao.”

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