32 yr old Woman with PCOS Conceives Post Hormone Therapy and Delivers Baby Girl Successfully -

32 yr old Woman with PCOS Conceives Post Hormone Therapy and Delivers Baby Girl Successfully

32 yr old Woman with PCOS Conceives Post Hormone Therapy and Delivers Baby Girl Successfully

Doctors at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula managed the Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome with Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) of a 32 yr old woman and helped her conceive successfully. The medical treatment was headed by Dr SK Gambhir, Sr Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula.  

Mira Sharma was suffering from Poly Cystic Ovarian syndrome for the last 12 years. She was struggling with lifestyle and weight complications. “I really never thought that it could complicate my fertility and pregnancy. I had a hectic college and office life resulting in numerous late nights and stressful evenings. Irregular periods, weight fluctuations, facial hair had become a part of life and I had to deal with the same on a daily basis. However reality pinched me the most when PCOS and its complications started to affect my fertility and chances of having a baby. Confused and anxious I decided to consult a super specialist who would help me complete my family. Post recommendations from family and friends I decided to consult Dr SK Gambhir at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula.”

According to Dr SK Gambhir, “Today PCOS is a common health issue. 3 in every 5 women face the risk of suffering from the same. Sedentary lifestyle, weight gain and unhealthy eating habits are all contributory to the same. However the effect of polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, on fertility can vary quite a bit from one woman to another. In some women, the syndrome can make getting pregnant more difficult than usual. But that’s not always the case. When PCOS does have an impact on fertility, treatments can help.”

Dr Gambhir adds, “In Mira’s case the PCOS and weight gain had led to endometrium thickening affecting her menstrual cycles and fertility. We recommended immediate lifestyle changes , weight loss and hormone replacement therapy.”

Through the new lifestyle and diet regime recommended by Dr SK Gambhir and the Chief Dietician, Mira was able to lose 8 kgs. She was also given injections for the induction of ovulation. In the first month a lower dose of hormone was given but follicles did not develop. It was decided that the doses shall be increased slowly. In the second month Dr Gambhir increased the dose but the lining of the endometrium did not help in ovulation. Continuous efforts resulted in increasing the fertility levels and subsequently Mira conceived.

To control the insulin levels Mira was put on Metformin and was recommended to follow the ante natal classes stringently. Regular health checkups and ultrasounds ensured Mira’s and her baby’s health. She successfully delivered a baby girl of 2.8 kgs through normal delivery at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula

Mira shares, “Dr Gambhir was not just like a doctor but was a guiding force that transformed me. She inspired me to be healthy not just for myself but for my future and my family. My tryst will my body weight is now a thing of the past, thanks to the right guidance I know how to handle my health better. We as a couple shall always be thankful to Paras and Dr Gambhir.”

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