Doctors at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula Save the Life of The Mother & Baby With Specialised Tertiary Level Maternity & NICU Care

Doctors at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula Save the Life of The Mother & Baby With Specialised Tertiary Level Maternity & NICU Care

Mr Sudhir Sharma and his family can’t thank their luck enough. The addition in their family has taught them a good lesson – Opt for the best specialised care and do not ignore any abnormalities during pregnancy. The expert team of doctors at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula were able to save the life of the 8 month old pregnant woman and the life of the newborn through medical interventions and specialised expertise.

Kavita Sharma, 35 yrs old, was pregnant and in a medically demanding situation. Her BP was high and she was experiencing a hypertensive crisis that meant she needed immediate labour and gynaecological attention. Her high blood pressure also suggested that she had the risk of suffering from convulsions and numerous pregnancy complications. Concerned about her health, Sudhir rushed Kavita to a nearby reputed government hospital, close to their home.

The unavailability of a specialised doctor and a bed for the mother in labour, made the scenario more intense. The odds of managing the same looked slim at the already low staffed government establishment. Concerned and anxious, Sudhir contacted Paras Bliss Hospital, Panchkula – A specialised mother and child care hospital – located in Mansa Devi Complex.

The specialised and fully equipped ambulance of Paras Bliss rushed the critical expecting mother to the hospital, where the already notified team of doctors – gynaecologists, obstetricians, support nursing staff and neonatologists were ready to deal with the challenges.

Kavita was swiftly made to go through an ultrasound. The immediate assessment of the fetal medicine expert highlighted the dipping heartbeat of the baby. The test also suggested that the fluid around the baby had dried up and this was causing the blood pressure of the mother and the baby to rise. This rising blood pressure could pose to be a risk factor for the mother and the baby.

Sighting the urgent need of the situation, the team of doctors at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula acted swiftly and immediately moved Kavita to an intensive care unit. Intravenous drugs were given to her to control her blood pressure. A senior anaesthetist was immediate made available and she was rushed to an emergency surgery. A team of neonatologist and senior obstetricians were in the operation theatre to perform the complicated surgical intervention that included saving the life of a newborn and the mother.

After 3 hours, the surgery was successful and the Sharma’s were blessed with a son. The baby however was premature and weighed only 1 kg. He was put under intensive care under the strict observation of the neonatologists. Kavita needed few drugs post operation to settle her vitals, however she most importantly needed rest.

After 2 days, the baby and the mother were reported to be perfect and healthy. They were stated for discharge after 4 days of admission.

According to Dr Monica, Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paras Bliss Panchkula, “Patient had come to us with diagnosis of PGR at 32 weeks POG with Chronic hypertension with superimposed PIH with impending eclampsia with prematurity with IUGR with oligohydramnios with fetaldistress. Had come because of non availability of bed/ ventilator. Immediate medical attention was needed as both the mother and baby were critical. After stabilising the patient with intravenous anti hypertensives and anti convulsants she was taken for surgery with a team of seniorobstetrician, anaesthetist andneonatologist.

Both mother and baby were monitored intensively in the post operative period. Baby needed NICU care because of prematurity and low birth weight. Finally both were discharged in a satisfactory condition.

So with complicated pregnancy you should choose a place well equipped with trained doctors and medical facilities so that no stone is left unturned in your quality care and safe delivery is conducted. Ultimately healthy baby and mother is our motto, in a friendly atmosphere.”

According to Sudhir and Kavita , “The birth of our son was an intense challenge against all odds – hospitals, medical care and emotions. We are thankful to the team at Paras Bliss Hospital for understanding our apprehensions and issues and taking full control of the situation. They were in true sense angels and problem solvers for us. We are blessed to have a child and be associated with able guidance. Our baby was born prematurely, however the team of neonatologists ensured that all challenges were addressed. Even when we go back home, we are certain that the team at Paras Bliss shall have our back. Kudos for creating an environment which in every sense delivers more for motherhood.”

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