Paras Bliss doctors successfully treat 29 yr old suffering From Recurrent Pregnancy Loss & Miscarriages

Paras Bliss doctors successfully treat 29 yr old suffering From Recurrent Pregnancy Loss & Miscarriages

Doctors at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula were successfully able treat a 29 yr old suffering from repeated episodes of pregnancy loss and miscarriages. The team of doctors headed by Dr SK Gambhir, Sr Consultant Obstetrics & Gynecology were able to detect and manage the thrombosis factor of the patient and ensures that she conceives and delivers a healthy baby.

Kavita Sharma, resident of Panchkula had a complicated medical history that included numerous abortions and miscarriages. Over a span of years she had lost 3 babies in her 2nd and 4th month due to no heart beat. The signs and symptoms of the complications would begin with spotting and the ultrasound would highlight no heart beat of the baby resulting in loss of pregnancy. Taking her history into consideration, Dr SK Gambhir recommended the thrombosis panel test to Kavita.

According to Dr SK Gambhir, “ Thrombophilia is defined as an acquired or familial disorder associated with thrombosis -which occurs when there is a blood clot in a blood vessel, obstructing the flow of blood within the circulatory system. Thrombosis can occur both in veins as well as in arteries. Other manifestations that have been linked to thrombophilia include recurrent miscarriage, and complications of pregnancy (eg, severe preeclampsia, abruptio placentae, intrauterine growth restriction, stillbirth). Hence the history of the patient highlighted that blockages caused due to the blood clots could be the reason of the loss of pregnancy. The tests as we had expected came positive and we were able to understand the reason  for her underlying health issue.”

Kavita shares, “The news of me suffering from a rare disease being the reason for my miscarriages was over whelming. My first questions were – Is it treatable? Would I ever be able to become a mother? Thankfully Dr Gambhir assured me that with the right treatment and medications, I will be able to make my dreams come true.”

Dr Gambhir shares, “Kavita was first counselled to regain her health before she set out to start her own family. She was given routine tablets and hormone injections to ensure favourable conditions for conceiving. After 5 months she conceived and our actual challenge began. She was asked to take 2 heparin injections daily to ensure that no blood clots formulated in her body and the baby was healthy. Weekly hormone injections and tablets were given to ensure that the mother was also healthy. In the 8th month she complained of spotting, however the same was handled by us. Routine ultrasounds were done to keep an update on the health of the fetus. Taking her complicated medical history into consideration, she was recommended a caesarean delivery.  She was admitted in the 36th week and delivered a healthy 3.5 kg baby girl.”

Kavita shares, “The entire journey included patience, guidance and help. I could not have achieved anything without the able support of Dr SK Gambhir who ensured that all my fears and apprehensions are addressed. She answered all my queries and always motivated me to stay positive. The ante natal classes and the Lamaze therapy also prepared me well for motherhood and in addition made me aware of the signs that I need to look out for labour and complications. Today I am a mother and my family is complete only due to the sincere efforts of Paras Bliss – Thank you all for making my dreams come true.”

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