Paras Bliss helps 29 yr old overcome her fear of labour with Painless Delivery – Gives birth Normally

Paras Bliss helps 29 yr old overcome her fear of labour with Painless Delivery – Gives birth Normally

Doctors at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula were able to help a 29 yr old woman overcome her fears on labour pains. The team of doctors recommended Painless Delivery – a novel and approved procedure which enables a woman overcome pain and deliver normally. The procedure, highly recommended and implemented on routine basis in developed nations, was successful and helped the woman in labour.

29 yr old Sana Kaur, resident of Chandigarh, had earlier delivered a baby boy. Her first pregnancy delivery was done in a government hospital and the process of the normal delivery heavily impacted her life. She shares, “I had to go through 5 hours of labour and the process was the most painful experience of my life. When I conceived again the thought of going through the pain gain gave me jitters. I spoke to my husband and shared that I am mentally not ready to go through the same procedure again. Before contemplating anything my husband suggested that I consult a super specialist and share my apprehensions. On discussion with Dr Monica Agarwal at Paras Bliss, she recommended a procedure that could make my labour more comfortable.”

Dr Monica Agarwal, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula shares, “Labour pain is the most talked about topic in pregnancy. It is also associated with maximum apprehensions and fears. It is the most painful experience in any woman’s life and the fear of facing the same can deter numerous women to opt for a C-section. However painless delivery is the best way for a woman to give birth normally. It is a simple process in which the woman in labour is provided an epidural analgesic and she can also control the level of the painkiller that she needs. This process makes the woman more comfortable and makes her an active participant in the delivery process. This process is FDA approved and recommended by the American Gynecological and Obstetrical Society as the best technique for women who have a low pain threshold.”

Sana went through the painless delivery process and was administered the epidural analgesic at the onset of the labour pain. The anaesthesia was given through the spine with a help of a needle and a tube is left attached. This tube helps the woman in labour control the flow of the painkiller as per her pain propensity and threshold. A specialised doctor – anesthetist – ensures that the procedure is carried out as per the approved protocols and he/she is available till the birth of the baby.

Dr Monica adds, “Usually women do not experience any side effects post the procedure. Infact they are happy that they have delivered their bundle of joy normally. However in some cases, fewer than 5%, women can experience low blood pressure, loss of bladder control, itchy skin, inadequate pain relief and headache.”

 Sana delivered a healthy baby boy and was happy with her experience. She shares, “This was really how you can enjoy being a mother. Had I known about this procedure earlier, I could have been free of the stress and fear of labour pains. I would like to thank Dr Monica and her team for being so patient with me and helping me to clear all my doubts. I shall always be indebted to them.”

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