Pregnancy Expert saves life of Expecting Mother & Preterm Baby with Exceptional Medical Care at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula -

Pregnancy Expert saves life of Expecting Mother & Preterm Baby with Exceptional Medical Care at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula

Pregnancy Expert saves life of Expecting Mother & Preterm Baby with Exceptional Medical Care at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula

  • Pregnant Mother was suffering from Gestational Diabetes along with Hypothyroidism.
  • The pregnant mother was facing complication of internal cervix opening, making her susceptible to miscarriage.

Doctors at Paras Bliss Hospital, Panchkula – Specialised Mother and Child Care Centre – once again saved the life of an expecting mother and ensured that she delivered her baby safely. 26 yr old Samiksha Gupta was suffering from Hypothyroidism (A condition in which the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone) and Gestational Diabetes. In addition, the patient displayed symptoms of Funnelling of the internal cervical os. Cervical funneling is a sign of cervical incompetence and represents the dilatation of the internal part of the cervical canal and reduction of the cervical length. Greater than 50% funneling before 25 weeks is associated with approximately 80% risk of preterm delivery.

This type of complication put the fetus and the mother both at risk. Due to the short cervix size, the patient suffered from the risk of going through a premature delivery. Due to the cervix length, surgery was also ruled out. Hence Samiksha was put on a well detailed medical plan involving few injections, specific pregnancy diet and complete bed rest.

According to Dr. Monica, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology, Paras Bliss Hospital, Panchkula, “Samiksha’s health condition needed a lot of attention. When she conceived she was suffering from hypothyroidism. This made her susceptible to weight gain and diabetes. Her cervix complication added to her woes. Cervical Incompetence is seen to occur in only 1–2% of all pregnancies, but it is thought to cause as many as 20—25% of miscarriages in the second trimester. We provided her injections to manage the activity of the uterus and the cervix. The external cervical opening closed and the length of the cervix did not decrease further. Following complete bed rest and a controlled diet plan, we were able to manage her thyroid and diabetes-related complications and ensure her baby’s health.”

However, on her 28th week of pregnancy, the Fetal Medicine experts noticed some aspects in the fetus. Special injections had to be given to Samiksha to ensure that the lung formation of the baby is normal. This was important to also ensure that the lung should be strong enough and not needing any ventilation support.

On the 30th week of pregnancy, she started to experience labor pains – the right time to ensure that the baby is well formed and not compromised. Samiksha delivered a baby that weighed 1100 gms through normal delivery. The newborn was put under the care of a neonatologist in NICU and was provided oxygen inhalation assistance. The intravenous feed was given to the baby who was shifted to nasogastric feed and gradually to spoon feed. The premature baby was kept in the NICU for 1 month. Samiksha was discharged after 4 days if her delivery and was asked to come to the hospital for breastfeeding.

Post 1 month of rigorous medical protocols, the neonatology team was able to share that the baby is healthy and fit to be discharged.

According to Samiksha, “ When I had absolutely no hope, Dr. Monica gave me confidence and the courage. She made me understand that my baby’s health is in my hands. We followed all the aspects that Dr. Monica shared and my God’s grace we were able to get our bundle of joy in this world, safely. I am indebted to the neonatology team who were patient and caring towards my baby and ensured that at all times we are informed about his progress. In a place like Panchkula, such an exceptional team of doctors and medical infrastructure is a boon.”


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