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Doctors at Paras Bliss save Pregnancy of a woman suffering from Hypothyroidism, Fibroid Induced Anemia with Iron Infusion

Doctors at Paras Bliss save Pregnancy of a woman suffering from Hypothyroidism, Fibroid Induced Anemia with Iron Infusion

The team of doctors at Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula, specialized mother and child care centre, saved the life and pregnancy of a 30 yr old woman suffering from multiple health issues – Hypothyroidism and Fibroid Induced Anemia. The team of gynecologists headed by Dr. Monica Agarwal, Consultant Obstetrics, and Gynecology, Paras Bliss Hospital Panchkula spearheaded the medical management and noninvasive clinical therapy to ensure that the woman delivers the baby safely.

Megha, the 30 yrs old woman, was suffering from infertility. Her diagnostic workup highlighted the presence of a fibroid in the uterus, preventing pregnancy. According to Dr. Monica, “Fibroids are tumors that grow from muscle cells in the uterus. They’re rarely cancerous but can sometimes cause symptoms like pain and bleeding and they may interfere with the ability to get pregnant. The fibroid is found in up to 10 percent of women during pregnancy and is most common in women aged 30 to 40. To ensure that Megha conceived we counseled her on the most fertile days and recommended her to take special folic acid tablets. The post following the medications, she conceived.”

However, Megha’s fibroids were set to cause few hurdles in her pregnancy. Megha shares, “Dr. Monica shared with me that the fibroids tend to take up the iron in the body and my body needs the same for the growth of the fetus and to ensure that my pregnancy remains normal. Despite regular follow up I started to experience abdominal pain. This really scared me and started to fear a miscarriage.”

According to Dr. Monica, “Your risk of miscarriage and premature delivery does increase slightly if you have fibroids. They occasionally cause the baby to be in an abnormal position for delivery. They can also stall labor, or, if they’re located in or near the cervical opening, they may block the baby’s passage. All of these (rather rare) problems can increase the likelihood of cesarean delivery. To treat Megha, we recommended her medication and bed rest. Her hemoglobin fell to 7 gm%, which is very serious and a clear sign of a fibroid induced pregnancy complication. Post all tests confirmed anemia, we unanimously decided to opt for Iron Infusion Therapy.”

Megha shares her experience going through the iron infusion therapy, “The scare that you may lose your precious baby and that the loss may even harm me was really taking a toll. However post seeing the energy of the doctors, nurses around me, my perception changed. More than the drugs the positivity and the counseling helped me.”

The iron infusion helped to raise the iron levels to more than 10 gm%. The improvement made her feel more active and also improved her breathing. She was also put on a strict high protein diet and vitamin C supplements. However, the fibroid still troubled her and resulted in a complication causing preterm labour and preterm rupture of membranes at 34 weeks of pregnancy. Megha was wheeled in for emergency cesarean delivery, where Dr. Monica ensured that Megha is the best of health and the fetal medicine expert ensured the health of the premature being born.

Megha’s baby thankfully had well-developed lungs and needed no ventilation and airway support. The baby was given prophylactic antibiotics as a precaution.

Dr. Monica shares, “This case was a clear sign of timely detection of complications and well handling of the same through advanced clinical protocols. Megha and her baby are healthy and happy today. However such cases are an important lesson for other expecting mothers to follow. Never ignore any abnormality. Consult your gynecologist at the earliest and most importantly share your complete medical history with your doctor.”

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