Apr 25, 2022

Celebrate a Socially-Conscious Independence Day This Year

Celebrate a Socially-Conscious Independence Day This Year

Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon Marks Independence Day with Swaach Bharat Initiative in City

My Area- My Cleanliness – My Responsibility Adopts the stretch that surrounds the hospital

  • Mr Parminder Kataria, Deputy Mayor, Gurgaon honours Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon by extending support for the green & clean initiative. Supports the action of adopting the Paras hospitals road stretch.
  • Saurabh Singh, Joint Commissioner, Gurgaon Police, lends support to the noble campaign by understanding the aspects that the hospitals adjoining areas are plagued with encroachments.
  • Rama Rani Rathee, Municipal Counselor (DLF City), Municipal Corporation extends the

Support of the Gurgaon Citizens Council and DLF Qutab Enclave Residents Welfare Association.

Gurgaon, Aug 13, 2015: Becoming a socially conscious and responsible citizen is perhaps the best way to celebrate Independence Day and honor the legacy of our great leaders! Urging the citizens of Gurgaon to lend their hand in making their city clean and beautiful is a new initiative by Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon which marked the day with a cleanliness drive in the city.

The hospital received support from the top brass of Gurgaon police in its endeavor, with Mr Parminder Kataria, Deputy Mayor, Gurgaon, Mr. Saurabh Singh, Joint Commissioner of Police (Gurgaon) joining the ranks of Swaach Bharat activists from the hospital. Besides, it also had Mrs.Rama Rani Rathee, Municipal Counselor (DLF City) Municipal Corporation, Gurgaon extending support of the Gurgaon Citizens Council and DLF Qutab Enclave Residents Welfare Association.

Carrying brooms and trash cans, the hospital’s doctors and staff members spread out on the roads of Gurgaon, to clean the city’s public spaces of garbage. The initiative was launched in partnership with NGO Uthaan and DLF City Plus Magazine, with both the organizations also joining the cleanliness drive. The team of doctors who participated in the drive as headed by Dr. Dharminder Nagar, Managing Director, Paras Healthcare, GurgaonParas Hospitals Swaach Bharat Initiative

The enthusiastic doctors who came forward and supported the initiative were Dr Kousar Ali Shah, Zonal Director, Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon. Dr VS Mehta, Director Neurosciences, Dr Tapan Ghose, Director & HOD Cardiology, Dr. Vivek Logani, Chief of Joint Replacement Surgery, Dr. Arun Bhanot,Chief of Spine Services, Rajnish Monga, Consultant Gastroenterology and Dr. Subrat Kumar Raul, Senior Consultant , Surgical Gastroentrology Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon.

The doctors highlighted their experiences through the following quotes:

Dr. Dharminder Nagar, Managing Director, Paras Healthcare, Gurgaon says” This initiative is just an initiation. We intent to carry the baton of cleanliness further. A clean environment ensures health, prosperity and a stable mind. To progress these aspects are essential for us to understand and implement in our daily lives. Until we don’t improve our civic sense we can’t progress. Looking forward to public support, the guidance of the civic agencies and the undaunted efforts of the staff of Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon”.

“We have a habit of criticizing the way things are in our country, be it the administration, the municipality, or the government. However, we cannot negate the fact that we are very much a part of the system we deride. Though this initiative, we want to propagate the message that we should all be responsible for our society, our surroundings, especially the cleanliness in our neighborhoods,” said Dr. V.S. Mehta, Director and HOD, Neurosciences, Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon.01 (3)-page-001

The group ventured out of the hospital and collected garbage adjoining the hospital. They also planted all season trees in the adjoining area, divider. The act not only ensured cleanliness, greenery but will in the long run also aid traffic movement, noise and air pollution.

“Monsoon is a time when viral and bacterial infections are at their peak. It is the time when the dengue scare takes on the city. Making sure that water doesn’t stagnate and garbage doesn’t rot in our vicinity is important to minimize spread of infections. In this light, cleanliness drives are very important for our collective health as well,” said Dr. Tapan Ghose, Director & HOD, Cardiology, Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon.

The hospital also urged the citizens of Gurgaon to come forward and join the movement for Swaach Bharat, and lend greater meaning and depth to their Independence Day celebrations.

“Unfurling the national flag, and singing the national anthem is the routine way of celebrating Independence Day. But the real celebration is when you contribute your bit to the well-being of your society. There are very few socially conscious and responsible citizens in our midst who would care about their surroundings, not litter on the roads, not spit on the pavements, or even help a fellow citizen in need on the road. We need to breed a new generation of responsible citizens,” said  Dr Ghose.


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