Apr 25, 2022

Paras Global Hospital saved the life of the youth injured in Bolero - Bike clash

Paras Global Hospital saved the life of the youth injured in Bolero - Bike clash
  • Patient’s condition was critical as his right elbow leg was broken
  • Hospital’s bone specialist Dr R K Prasad twice operated the youth and cured him

Patna, 25 August : A 35 year old man Jitendra Kumar whose right elbow and leg bones were broken severely was treated successfully at Paras Global Hospital Darbhanga. After the successful surgery Jitendra is recuperating well and his condition is stated to be normal.

Jitendra who was riding a motorcycle had met with an accident as his vehicle got dashed with Bolero head on in which his right elbow and foot bones were broken from several places. He also received grievous injuries on his head due to which his condition was critical.

Jitendra was brought to Paras Global Hospital in a critical condition where first his condition was made stable and then his broken elbow and legs were treated.

Dr R K Prasad, who treated Jitendra said that due to the accident Jitendra was suffering from blisters at several places on his feet and also his bones were broken due to which he was in great pain.

First of all we made his condition stable, then in two phases his right elbow and the broken legs were treated, Dr Prasad said. A special type of rod was inserted into his leg which took almost one and a half hour to do so, he said.

This all could be done only because there is every facility in the hospital including the state-of-the art machines and equipment in the hospital, Dr Prasad said adding this is the reason why we perform even difficult surgeries at the hospital.

Dr Prasad further said that Jitendra will be alright in one month and he could even walk.

Jitendra whose life was saved at Paras Global Hospital Darbhanga was all praise of the hospital.

I thought that I could not be saved and my leg will never be treated, but it was all because Paras Global Hospital that I am being saved and I could even walk after being completely cured. Jitendra’s relatives also praised Paras Global Hospital for saving his life and thanked the doctor for treating him successfully.