Apr 25, 2022

Paras HMRI Hospitals - Pioneers of Knee Replacement and Ligament Graft Surgeries in Eastern India

Paras HMRI Hospitals - Pioneers of Knee Replacement and Ligament Graft Surgeries in Eastern India

– Paras Hospital extends its Frontiers and Performs the First-of-its-kind Knee Replacement Surgery in Eastern India

– First Pinless Computer Navigation Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery Performed at Paras HMRI Hospital

– The New Technique of Total Knee Replacement is Heralded as a Big Boon for Patients

66-year-old Mr. Prakash Kumar (name changed) recently underwent a knee replacement surgery at Paras HMRI hospital using Computer Navigation technology. What makes the surgery more important is that it was a one-of-its-kind of Pinless computer-guided knee replacement surgery that was performed for the first time in eastern India.Dr. Nishikant with a patient

In the present scenario, even patients with severely deformed knees refrain from undergoing knee replacement. Knee replacements techniques have undergone a sea change in recent years with the advent of Computer Navigation technology. This allows the surgeon in achieving perfection in knee replacement surgeries increasing its accuracy to around 90-99.9%.

Explaining the effectiveness of this procedure, Dr. Nishikant Kumar, the surgeon credited with performing this surgery, said,”Similar to wheel alignments of a car, a poorly-aligned knee joint is prone to early wear and discomfort for the patient. Computer navigated system is an additional check to confirm proper alignment of the knee joint.”

Usually in the earlier version of computer assisted technology, pins were required to be attached to the thigh and leg bones to confirm alignment. The procedure, therefore, was time consuming and prone to complications with longer post-operative recovery period.

Dr. Nishikant explained that compared to conventional one; the computer navigation technique reduces chances of human error and minimizes the risk of early and late failures.

Dr. Nishikant added, “With the latest Pinless Navigation technique we use pods to confirm knee alignment during operation. The operation takes only 35-45 minutes and a small incision is made for implanting the knee implant. Not only does this technique increase accuracy but also ensures faster recovery of the patients. The orthopedic department at Paras HMRI has added another feather to its cap by having successfully performed the first-of-its-kind of Pinless knee replacement surgery in the entire eastern India.”

Dr. John Mukhopadhaya, Director Orthopedics department at Paras HMRI Hospital, said, “We, at Paras HMRI, also strive to serve patients with the latest of technology and superior care. We regularly perform knee replacement surgeries and with the increasing use of newer technologies, we are in a position to dramatically reduce knee pain and provide mobility to patients.”

Doctors at Paras HMRI Hospital also performed first-of-its-kind ligament graft surgery in India, to bring back natural knee movement. Ligament graft surgery helps patient gain natural knee movement after over two years.

Paras HMRI Hospital’s arthroscopic surgeon, Dr. Arvind Prasad Gupta, is credited to have successfully performed a very advanced knee ligament graft surgery on a patient who had been suffering from pain and instability since the last two years.

The patient, who by profession is an engineer and resides in Bangalore, had met with an accident in Feb 2013 and sustained severe trauma to his knees for which he got operated. However, even after one year of the operation he was still suffering from persistent knee pain and instability. He further sought help and within a span of six months got operated twice for knee ligament repair at HOSMAT & Fortis Hospital at Bangalore, but met with limited success. As his problem persisted and increased, he sought help from Dr. Arvind Prasad Gupta at Paras HMRI Hospital at Patna.

“The main challenge for us was that the patient has had multiple operations on his knee and the ligaments of his knee were worn out, and even there were issues in the fixation of his ligament with the bone,” said Dr. Arvind Prasad Gupta about the operation. “We therefore decided to do a unique procedure wherein we decided to replace the knee ligament with a ligament from the ankle.”

“Such an operation is very complex and requires significant training as any error would adversely affect the patient,” commented Dr. Ravi Shankar Singh, Zonal director of Paras HMRI Hospital. “We had full faith in Dr. Arvind, as he is one of the few doctors inIndia who has been trained in Germany on these procedures, and has been routinely doing complex knee and shoulder ligament surgeries.”

“The patient has been successfully operated and we except him to be back on his feet without any help within a couple of months,” commented Dr. Arvind Prasad Gupta jubilantly.

About Paras HMRI Hospital:

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