Apr 25, 2022

Paras Patna Now Has Comprehensive Services for Brain Tumor Treatment

Paras Patna Now Has Comprehensive Services for Brain Tumor Treatment

Patna, 8 June, 2016: On World Brain Tumor Day, Paras (HMRI) Hospital organized a session on brain tumor awareness, under the guidance of Dr Mukund Prasad, Consultant, Neuro-Surgery.

During the session, held to create awareness on lesser-known facts about brain tumor, Dr Prasad said that the hospital has roped in all services essential to treat and cure brain tumor. The hospital is now equipped to conduct any complex surgery for this. With this addition of services and technology, patients can be discharged within 4-5 days, post surgery.

With an expert team of doctors at Paras HMRI, the hospital is now conducting surgeries that are equivalent to the surgeries conducted in hospitals of metropolitan cities like Mumbai and New Delhi.

“There are no spe Brain tumor awareness program cific reasons of why brain tumors happen, though radiation is one important cause for tumor formation. It can happen to anyone irrespective of gender, age, or place of residence, whether urban or rural. With timely detection of brain tumor, the chances of patient survival increase by 80-90%. However, mortality rate of brain tumor is less compared to cancer deaths in the country”, Said Dr Mukund Prasad

“At our hospital, we have all the services and technologies required to treat brain tumor. However, there is a need to spread more awareness about this. It is important to educate people about the importance of timely intervention in order to save lives and ward off brain tumor”, added Dr Prasad.

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