Apr 25, 2022

Rare & Complex Heart Surgery saves patient’s life when all hope was Lost.

Rare & Complex Heart Surgery saves patient’s life when all hope was Lost.

Rare & Complex Heart Surgery saves patient’s life when all hope was Lost.

  • Paras HMRI Patna performs a rare heart surgery never before tried in this region

 A rare heart surgery -Doctors with a patient

A 37 year old male patient was rushed in to Paras HMRI hospital emergency center from Muzzfarpur. The patient was brought in with severe chest pain associated with breathlessness.  The attendants suspected the patient of having heart attack & thought of bringing him to the Paras hospital to avail the best of care available in region. At the emergency the patient was diagnosed with suffering from a severe aortic dissection & internal bleeding. The patient was immediately suggested & prepared for a lifesaving surgery & was admitted into the cardiac surgery department.

“An aortic dissection is a serious condition in which the inner layer of the aorta, the largest blood vessel branching off the heart, tears. Blood surges through the tear, causing the inner and middle layers of the aorta to separate (dissect). An acute aortic condition is a serious life threateningcondition.” said Dr SK Sinha Director of Cardiac Surgery at Paras HMRI hospital Patna.

“Aortic dissection is relatively uncommon.However, when an aortic dissection is detected early and treated promptly, the chance of survival greatly improves” commented Dr Deepak Kumar of critical Care unit at Paras HMRI who assisted in recovering the patient.

The patient had to undergo an emergency cardiac surgery by a team of doctors’ chief among them being Dr SK Sinha, Dr Arvind Goyal, Dr Deepak Kumar & Dr Atul Mohan.

“The operation was a very complex and long duration surgery” said Dr Arvind Goyal.” The patient’s aorta had ruptured severely & blood was filling up his abdomen. His aortic valve was also severely compromised & affecting the function of the heart”.

“The patient’s aorta & aortic valve was replaced by an artificial conduit & we ensured that the tear in the aorta was corrected & the blood lost was stopped & the heart started to function normally. The surgery lasted nearly for 7 hours & we could revive the patient completely.’ said Dr Atul Mohan as the cardiac surgery team celebrated the moment when they could save one more life.

“Complex Cardiac Surgery requires the expertise of senior doctors & the infrastructure setup of handling complicated &rare cardiac surgeries” commented Dr Ravi Shankar Singh Zonal Director of Paras HMRI hospital Patna.” Our senior cardiac surgery team performs some of the most critical cardiac surgeries in this region like aortic dissection. (This is the very team that had saved the life of a Photo journalist of a leading newspaper, who was stabbed in Aorta by bad elements in Ruxol. This team had operated on him immediately, when every big and small institution in Patna had refused to handle.) There are but very few centers in India & none in the Bihar Jharkhand region that can perform such levels of cardiac surgery. Paras HMRI has often saved lives of patient & had revived cardiac patients successfully when all hopes had seemed lost” he added.