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Preventive Health Check-Ups

What is Preventive Health Check Up ?

The normal misconception about these health check ups is that they are a series of investigations. Paras Hospitals offer a different perspective to the health check ups. We at Paras have a holistic view of Preventive Medicine. It is a combination of Medicine, Diagnostics, Diet Plan and healthy life pattern ( which includes Regular Exercise, Meditation, Yoga etc). It is our approach towards health which differentiates us from the numerous existing Health Checkups.

Who should go for health check-ups ?

Every individual should undergo regular health checkups after the age of 25. The age when disease catches you is regularly coming down because of stressful lifestyle. The interval at which these health checkups should be done is normally a year but for some special groups it would be lesser than a year. Our Preventive medicine team not only suggests the ideal package suited to each individual but also sets the frequency for these checkups.