Brain Tumor: Know your Risks

There are a number of environmental, genetic and habitual aspects that are responsible for our Brain Tumors. The brain is a complex organ of the body and slight imbalance can affect us in a big way. The exact cause of the tumor formation is yet to be known. The risk factors range for sudden exposure to chemicals at home or work, eating or not eating a certain type of food along with physical activity and lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol intake.

Environmental Risk Factors:

Brain Tumor Risks

Numerous studies have been performed and they have concluded in the formulation of a list of environmental factors that can cause brain tumors.


  • Exposure to ionizing radiation (X- Rays) has clearly shown to increase the risk of brain tumors.
  • History of allergies in the adults and children
  • Inappropriate and imbalanced diet
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Alcohol abuse
  • Aggressive exposure to cell phones and residential power line- Electromagnetic fields

Genetic Factors:

This highlights the area where the family history or the genes come into play. Only 5-10% of the cancers have been documented to be hereditary- they can be passed on from one generation to another. In cases of hereditary brain tumor a mutation or a change in the DNA Sequence gets passed on from one generation to another. It has also been highlighted that the genetic factors are all not inherited at birth. Due an impact of the environmental factors a sudden change in the hormone, enzyme and malfunctioning of the body can take place. This causes certain genes to become inactive or stop working. Such activity can lead to a tumor.

If you have a family history of Brain Tumors you should consult a neurologist.

Age Related Factors:

Brain Tumors are more common in children and older adults. It is important that you consult a specialist as soon as you have any abnormal symptoms. In cancer early detection and timely treatment is essential.