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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Bronchodilators and anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory medications decreases airway sensitivity caused due to  inflammation and reduce mucus production. Bronchodilators relax the constricted muscles around your airways. This action opens them up, making it easier to breathe and easier for the mucus to be expelled. Both anti-inflammatries medicine and bronchodilators can be prescribed as either controller medication – medicine that you take every day to prevent long-term sensitivity or quick-relief medicine for the relief of sudden asthma attacks. Bronchodilators basically  come in the form of inhalers, or in liquid form for young children.

Bronchodilators gives  quick relief by easing bronchial muscle tension and constriction. These are recommended Short acting medications, as they work immediately, but their effect lasts only for a some hours. Tradenames ofbasically  used bronchodilators include Ventolin, Alupent and Bricanyl. Visit  your health care professional for more details.

Just as there are two main problems linked  with asthma: bronchoconstriction and inflammation there are two main types of asthma medications: bronchodilators and anti-inflammatories.The initial stage  in managing your asthma symptoms is to know and ignore  your personal asthma triggers. Remaining  avoidance only goes so far, so you may need an asthma drug to help control your symptoms. Asthma medication comes in various forms, including tablets, liquids, injections, and inhalers. Several  medications come as sprays or powders that need to be inhaled deep into your lungs. You can take these using either an inhaler or a nebulizer. Both can deliver fast-acting or long-term medicines. The device you use won’t change the effectiveness of the drug. It’s a matter of personal suggestion  and there are advantages and disadvanges  to each method.