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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Can prolonged Asthma leads to Lung Cancer

Having asthma may not be a cause that can lead you to lung cancer. People who are not taking medications in the proper way and are experiencing persistent inflamed airways and are also regularly getting exposed to specific chemical mediators are at maximum risk of developing lung cancer. People who are asthmatic and are also smokers are more prone to develop lung cancer due to certain carcinogens being liberated from cigarettes. It should also be noted that certain chemical mediators when liberated from airways can have some synergistic actions that can develop lung cancer.

Stats that suggest that smoking and asthma can cause lung cancer:

Smoking – both passive and active – can also be a cofactor to develop asthma as well as lung cancer. Asthma may lead to the risk of cancer and even metastasis. According to a recent research conducted in an American University, out of 176 patients 30 had a diagnosis of asthma and at least 233 were identified with asthma 1 year before they were diagnosed with lung cancer. Thus the percent of women with asthma is 13% and are twice as likely to develop any complication due to asthma. The difference in rates suggest that the asthma of these cancer of patients may have contributed to the appearance of lung metastases .Also importantly the database records indicates that only 2 of the 23 patients had any indication of inhales corticosteroids in a complaint way .A study in China also indicates a link between asthma and lung cancer that is significant people with asthma being 2 to 6 times more likely to develop lung cancer than those without asthma.

Bottom Iine: Lung cancer could be linked to asthmatics smoking

We know that smoking or expose to passive smoke can be a risk factor for asthma as well as lung cancer. Yet most of the studies that look at the link between asthma and lung cancer and when this is done ,the risk of lung cancer associated with asthma still remains high .Another theory is that is long term exposed to inflammation in the lungs due to uncontrolled asthma. Long term inflammation has been evaluated recently as a cause of many cancers.
Hence it is best that you quit smoking and lead a preventive lifestyle, if you are an asthmatic. In fact quitting smoking has other benefits too, while continuing with smoking has none.