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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Busting Myths about COVID-19 Vaccine

Description: One year after a lockdown was imposed following the rapid spread of the Coronavirus, an above 18+ covid vaccine registration is now available to the public. To get facts on the 18+ Covid vaccine, and to dispel rumors surrounding it, keep reading.

Close to a year after lockdown originally began due to the Coronavirus, an effective 18+ covid vaccine has been created and is available to the general public. However, there are several misleading myths circulating surrounding the Coronavirus vaccination that hinders productive and efficient participation in the covid vaccine trials. To avoid getting influenced by such information, here are some myths about COVID-19 vaccine to help educate you, and those around you, and to allow for speedy enrolment in the vaccine trial.

  1. The Covid vaccine infects people with the virus – Several people misrepresent the science behind all covid vaccines to spread the assumption that individuals who get COVID-19 vaccines are actively infected with the virus. This assumption is false and biologically implausible as there is an absence of the live virus in the vaccine.
  2. Preventive measures aren’t important once the vaccination is done – Coronavirus preventive measures such as washing your hands, wearing a mask, and maintaining social distance are still very important even if you or a small group of people are vaccinated. Maintaining protective measures is the safest way to protect you and other individuals who may not have been fully vaccinated from contracting the virus.
  3. The Covid vaccine for 18+ was developed too quickly for it to be effective – While the 18 above vaccine was developed in record time, a great achievement for mankind, it has still gone through all the necessary safety tests and measures before being released to the public. All protective and development processes were diligently followed, making the Coronavirus vaccine as safe as all others.
  4. People with pre-existing conditions shouldn’t get the vaccine – There is false fear that those with pre-existing conditions shouldn’t get the vaccine because it might worsen their symptoms. On the contrary, individuals with pre-existing medical conditions such as asthma, immuno-deficiency, etc. are more susceptible to catching the virus with a lower ability to naturally fight it and hence, have been prioritized to get the vaccine. Thus, it is essential that all such people go to the nearest vaccination centers for COVID-19 at the earliest to protect themselves, and those around them.
  5. Those who already contracted COVID-19 don’t need the vaccine – All those who tested positive for the virus still need to participate in the vaccination process. While they may have higher levels of immunity against Coronavirus, it still does not guarantee the extra safety that a vaccine does. Further, the vaccination process is also to help prevent the spread of the virus, including those who may have lower immunity.


Now that some basic myths about the Coronavirus vaccine have been busted, and the real facts have been listed, apply for the COVID-19 vaccine by registering on the Co-WIN website or app. Once the process has been started, you can locate the nearest vaccination centre or hospital offering the vaccine and get the first dose. Paras Hospitals is one such center that is offering a limited supply of vaccines, so start your registration process at the soonest.

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