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Posted on Apr 19, 2022

Can Pregnant Women Take Covid Vaccine

As more and more people are getting vaccinated,  with the increase in vaccine supplies, an increased number of people are looking for answers regarding the Covid vaccine for pregnant women. Surrounding this general question are concerns about the covid vaccine safety for breastfeeding moms or mothers, and whether or not the Covid vaccine for pregnant women can affect future pregnancy. To answer all of these questions, it is  important to note that not only can pregnant women take Covid vaccine but they are highly encouraged to do so as the severity of the COVID-19 illness is higher among pregnant women.

Can pregnant women take Covid vaccine

covid vaccine safety for breastfeeding moms or mother, while also explaining the importance of getting Covid vaccine for pregnant women.

Why is it so important covid vaccine for pregnant women?

For those who have recently been wondering, ‘can pregnant women take Covid vaccine? the answer is yes. Women who are pregnant, or have recently been pregnant, are at a much higher risk of contracting a severe case of Covid 19 compared to others. Cases can be extreme enough that they may require hospitalization, special equipment to breathe easily, and at times, even intensive care. Thus, the increased severity of the illness, the ease of taking vaccines, and the growing data about vaccine effectiveness mean that the – Covid vaccine – Covishield or Covaxin for pregnant women must be taken.

How safe is the vaccine? Can pregnant Women take Covid vaccine?

Although there are still limited statistics on the Covishield vaccine for pregnant women, all knowledge gathered by experts in the field points to the vaccine being completely safe. All data that has been gathered so far on the question ‘can pregnant women take Covid vaccine?’ has been reassuring and again points to complete safety and increased immunity.

Covid vaccine safety for breastfeeding or Can breastfeeding moms take the Covid vaccine?

As of now, clinical trials to test the effects of the Covid vaccine for breastfeeding moms or mothers have not been authorized to ensure complete safety. Thus, there is no concrete evidence or data at the moment to assess the effects of the vaccine on the baby, milk production, and mother. However, there is also no evidence to suggest that taking a Covid vaccine for pregnant women will cause any risk to lactating mothers. Ultimately, even though there is no conclusive answer to this, according to medical experts, covid vaccine safety for breastfeeding moms or mothers can take the Covid vaccine. It is also important to note that there is no evidence suggesting that the Covid vaccine affects future pregnancy, so all those wanting to get pregnant are completely safe to take the vaccine.

Now that you know all the answers to important questions around the Covid vaccine for pregnant women, book your vaccine slot now on the Cowin app, and to learn more information about vaccine safety, view Paras Hospitals here.

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